$4.99 -- Logitech Webcam (Regularly $49.99)

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  1. unbelievable!! I hope people who need cams get that!! I spent almost 180 on my cam and i never use it.. :sad:
  2. I'm sssooo tempted to buy it for the sake of getting a deal, but I don't know if I would EVER use it! What do people use their webcams for (other than posting youtube stunts)?
  3. when you are on the phone talking to your long distance bf, or your best friend in another city or country, they can see what your expressions are, and if they have a webcam as well, you can see them!

    or else, if you use something like skype, which is talking for free over the internet (using your computer), the same concept applies...you can see them, and they can see you. good to keep in touch with family and/or loved ones.
  4. awseom! thanks for posting! i've been meaning to get one.
  5. That's crazy!
  6. im studying half way away from my family so WC sure help us " see" each other more regularly.
    i would love to order 10 of them but i cant wait for the rebate. i hate that kind of deal
  7. i need one. Never thought i would but my BF just moved 16 hrs away :crybaby:
  8. That's one incredible deal!
  9. i hate the mail in rebates! they take forever!! :sad: