4.7 Earthquake in Socal

  1. Damn woke me up!
    And of course I was home alone.
  2. what?? lol. i been at work since 5:30am. and i didnt feel or hear anything.

    i am trapped inside a building.
  3. I didn't feel anything either
  4. I felt it, it woke me up too
  5. That's weird. I didn't feel a thing lol.
  6. my co worker said she felt it.
    at the time of incident, i was up lolli gagging around. lol
  7. Is everybody alright??
  8. I didn't feel a thing. After the Northridge quake, it would take something a little stronger to get my attention these days!
  9. ^^ oh man, I bet. We shuddered (no pun intended) up here as well, eyes glued to the TV. We had a 7.1 in 2001 but thank gosh it was very deep.

    Was this one really early in the a.m.?
  10. ^ It was at around 10:00 this morning.
  11. 4.7 quake jolts O.C.

    Epicenter said to be 2 miles beneath Santiago peak in the Santa Ana mountains.

    From staff and wire reports

    A magnitude 4.7 earthquake rattled Orange County today at 10:29 today, and was centered under the Santa Ana mountain range.
    Automated seismographs reported that the earthquake's epicenter was two miles beneath the summit of Santiago Peak, the largest peak in the Santa Ana mountain range in of Orange County.
    Orange County Sheriff's Department and several south Orange County police departments said they received no calls of damage or injuries from the temblor.
    At least four measurable aftershocks have followed the earthquake, according to automated seismographs, with the largest being a 2.5 magnitude aftershock two minutes after the first shock.
    Data from the automated equipment has not been verified by scientists, and experts in the past have cautioned that aftershock data is not always precise. In addition, a magnitude 1.8 hit at 10:36, magnitude 1.5 hit at 10:54, and magnitude 1.7 at 10:58.
    An Orange County Register reporter, who lives in Trabuco Canyon, said he felt one sharp jolt. "It was over pretty quickly," Jonathan Lansner said, adding that he's felt several aftershocks.
    "This is the first time I have felt an earthquake here in Laguna Hills in a few years, but I sure felt it today. Perhaps it's due to the heat and expansion of the soil," O.C. resident DeeDee Gollwitzer told Register science editor Gary Robbins.
    The quake was felt throughout southern California, from San Diego to the San Fernando Valley.
    Store employees at Trader Joe's and Vons in Rancho Santa Margarita also said that nothing fell from store shelves. And, at Gateway Liquor in Mission Viejo, employees reported no damage other than the jingling of a few glass bottles.

    ---I slept right through it... :sleepy:
  12. I did not feel anything.
  13. I didn't feel a thing either. Not complaining though! Earthquakes definately aren't pleasant!
  14. I felt it, but only because I was sitting on my bed watching t.v. I know they say there is no correlation but it seems to me that hot weather = earthquake.
  15. I was getting ready for work and felt it too! I guessed it would be a 5 and i was close!