4-6 keyholder opinions? help?

  1. I am interested in a keyholder. I like mono, but taiga in burgandy looks good too. Any opinions welcome. These are the basic keys I will use. I am a guy, HELP LADIES AND GENTS!
  2. I like multicles key 6 but my bf likes to use 4 since it's smaller and fit for man :smile:
    Yes, I agree with Taiga Burgundy, my bf likes Tiaga, too but only in Burgundy & Black, he hates Epicea
  3. I like both equally, I think Damier would be good too.
  4. I like the 6 key holder especially when you have car fobs. I usually leave the fob outside and all the keys inside so it still can close flat. Plus the key fob will not damage your bag like the key hanging out instead.
  5. Taiga or Damier would look best
  6. I would base your thoughts on your current collection and what would compliment it. I have the classic monogram 6 keyholder and I love it!
  7. Mono is a classic to me. I have items mostly in monogram, one tobago. Taiga looks interesting tho. Will the 4 key be an ok size for my keys?
  8. I vote damier!
  9. mono!
  10. Damier 4-key holder!
  11. Just this past weekend when I went to get my vernis pomme key holder, my SA showed me a really different type a key holder. More for a guy, and I thought of my DH and would he ever use one? Anyhow, it was made from the nomad leather and it kind of "pulled" the keys into the pouch. Very different than the open and snap the cover type that the 4 or 6 key holders are. It's hard to explain. I can't seem to find it on their website. If you have a catalog, I'm sure it is in there. I will look in my catalog if I get a chance. I think the price was about $340. It was very nice looking, and different too.