4, 6 key chain ( holder) owner

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    I would love to have one!!

    What do you have?
    How is it holding up from using everyday basis?
    Do you like it? Or dislike it?

    Thank you so much for your comment!!
  2. I have a 6 Key Holder in Damier Graphite. It's great, but I use it quite seldom because I have a brown Gucci Guccisima leather key holder I like better.
  3. I have a four key holder in violette vernis and pomme. Both have help up wonderfully and I don't keep them in dust bags etc, they are just inside my bag with everything else. Lovely pop of colour too but unfortunately the back pocket can only hold cash, it will not fit a credit card
  4. I have the 6 key holder in Damier ebene. Purchased it over two years ago and have constantly been using it multiple times per day. It's still in perfect condition. I love it... One of my best SLG purchases!
  5. I also have the DE 6 key holder & love it! Great piece!
  6. I have a black Epi 6 key holder and it still looks brand new after 6 months, even though I use it every day :smile:
  7. I have to 6 in mono. I got it from the hubby this past Christmas. It's by far a favorite! I love this piece. It's a great grab and go. I can put my license, AAA card, debit card and work key fob in the back slot and do errands with just that. Love how each key can pop in and out with ease. It makes it easy when my car gets picked up for service to just give then the one car key instead of the whole set. Definitely a great buy!
  8. I have the 6 key holder in DE and it is my most used item. I carry my drivers license and main credit card in the slot and use one if the rings to hold all of my rewards cards. Love it! Have used it daily for almost 6 months (throwing it in and out if my bag, carrying it handheld, dropping it in parking lots, etc) and it still looks brand new. The 4 key holder doesn't have a slot for credit cards/drivers license, so I would recommend the 6 key!
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  10. I have a 6-key Red EPI leather key holder that I got in 2010... Still going strong.. The leather is worn out, and tuning black in certain areas, but, The metal parts are still in working condition... The "hooks" did not came off.. not even once... My colleague has one of these and told me that she had it for 10 years.. she used it every day.. Mine is 4 years.. lol. One of the reason why I start buying LV stuff.. It lasts
  11. I have the Multi Colour 4 key holder in Noir. Had it 12 months now and it still looks the same as when I purchased it. It holds two house keys, PO box key and my car key.
  12. I have 4 and 6 key holder, I use them every day, you should get 6 keys holder if you want to put more credit cards inside.
  13. I have the 6 key in DG, I use it everyday. Its great! I keep cards, license, and emergency cash in the space behind, and I especially love that I can run out-n-about with just my 6 key holder and slip it in my pocket.
  14. I have a 6-key in Azur. I can find it easily when I am looking for it.
    It is the greatest thing ever. I keep a doggie-poo pick up bag in the pocket, just in case.
  15. Wow thank you so much for the all the comments!! Now I am start thinking about 6 keys holders. It definitely sounds like worth to buy SLG. I am so looking for looking at the item near soon! Hopefully I can get it before the price increase.... ThAnks a lot and I will let u know when I buy it!!