4,000 Wow I Love This Place...

  1. Wow....time flies when you're having fun! I love this place.....over time I have gradually just given up all other sub-forums (I hardly check the general anymore either)...and spend all my time here. I check the LV forum during class, after school...it's the first thing I check in the morning. I love it:love:
    I love all of you wondergul guys and gals....who offer such good advice for upcoming purchases and have such great compliments when I show my new things (even when my bathroom mirror is dirty LOL)!
    I love drooling over your new purchases!
    I love helping members find authenticate pieces....ah heck I love it all!!!!!!!

    So :drinkup: to 4,000 and many more to come :yahoo: :yahoo:

    And normally I'd celebrate with a new purse...but I'm holding off until Thanksgiving for a possible Epi Speedy 25 in red purchase!
  2. Twiggers, I love your posts! No worries, thanksgiving is mere weeks away so that red Epi Speedy 25 will be yours in no time!! Congrats on the big 4-0-0-0!!
  3. Congrats! I just passed 500!
  4. Congrats twiggers! Here's to another 4000! :drinks:
  5. oooh red epi speedy! congrats on the 4000 posts!
  6. Happy 4000th and I hope I get to read 4000 more, I love your posts!
  7. Congrats!
  8. congrats, and more posts to come...........
  9. Congrats! Love reading your posts!:flowers:
  10. congrats! i'm like ya too, i check only check out this forum! i'm too addicted. oops! i love how active this place is!!! and the fact that someone will always know the answer to whatever question ya have!
  11. Wow...4000! Heck, I was thrilled to hit 50 yesterday...lol!
  12. Thanks all!!!!!!! LOL Diva....I am way beyond addicted to this place! Usually with websites/forums I last about a month or two and move on...this place is so great I've been here for over 6 months :smile:
  13. I Love it here too..in fact I think I'm obsessed!! Congrats on 4000:nuts: !!!!!:drinkup: :drinks: :party:
  14. congrats!
  15. Hi twiggers...congrats on your 4000th post, keep on posting girl!
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