3th time's a charm? MbyMJ wallet

  1. So I've already tried two times to order a MJ wallet, but NAP wasn't really cooperating :smile:.
    This is from Shopbop and I think it's super cute:



    I hope this times it gets here!
  2. It's such a pretty color! Congrats and I hope you post pics when you receive it. :biggrin:
  3. I bought this same wallet/clutch in the mouse grey color a couple weeks ago and it's the best wallet I've ever had!! I know you will love it! I saw the poppy color at Shopbop and decided to get the grey color instead b/c most of my bags are already bright colors and so I wanted a neutral color. Also, the interior print is too cute!! I hope the 3rd time is a charm for you!! Congrats!!
  4. i love the lining!
  5. Hey Joke,

    I bought the same wallet recently, excellent choice! It is a beautiful reddish orange and I love the lining as well. I hope you get it soon and when you do, let us know what you think. :smile:
  6. love the color! i used to have that wallet in meringue. i would've loved it cept i was always afraid i'd get it dirty.
  7. I've been considering purchasing that clutch/wallet, too! I'm not sure about the color, though. On Shopbop it looks like a bright red, but every other website i look at (Nordstroms, saks, NAP) the color is more of a really light orange...So is it more of a red or more of an orange?
  8. that's such a beautiful wallet..looked really cute in person :smile:
  9. I'll post pics when it arrives. I'm in Europe, so that could take a while :smile:.
  10. :O I love this!! I am going to have to investigate now ;) I have the Faridah bag and this would match perfectly!!!

    I can't wait to see pictures!! It seems like a very practical wallet!!