3rd times a charm~~

  1. Week long shopping trip at NM. Last thursday i went to Neiman's to purchase the Chanel baby cabas. The bag was beautiful but i wasn't completely hooked on it. So the next morning, which was Friday, i went back and purchased the Chanel GST in g/h instead. I had the GST just sitting there with it's tags on looking at me for the whole weekend, and i never even thought about using it once! Beautiful bag, but i knew i had to pick and choose when and where i would carry it. I didn't even wanna take it back a second time but everyone kept telling me, if i'm spending that kind of money, i should be happy with what i buy. So Monday comes, and i head back to Neiman's but this time with two of my GF's and i came home with the black Neo Cabby GM!!!! I whipped that bad baby out on Tuesday and i've already used her!!! No more take backs this time. Hubby says it looks like a diaper bag, but what does he know?? lolz... i got some LV goodies inside her as well. i gotta lose some weight before i model for ya'll - hehe so until then enjoy!!!!!!!!

    does anyone out there, buy something, and then when you get home, think, OH no, i should have gotten the other bag? Geesh, my husband says im crazy and that i can never make up my mind...

    inside contents

    - gucci wristlet
    - azur pochette
    - azur cles
    - vernis framboise french wallet
    - vernis framboise 4 key holder
    - gucci sunglasses- mono wapity
    IMG_1424.jpg IMG_1428.jpg
  2. Congrats ! I think we have all done that at some point.
  3. Congrats on the Neo Cabby!
  4. Yes! I do it often, and I usually have to mail mine back because I don't live close to a boutique. I hate that! But, I think you made a great choice. Your cabby is TDF!
  5. great choice. third time really was lucky.
  6. Congrats on your new bag, it's beautiful...can't wait to see modeling pics!!! :smile:
  7. congrats!

    and I totally do that too...completely normal.
  8. I just love that bag, and yours looks as good on the inside as the outside! I'm only a recent convert so I missed out on the framboise ... beautiful color ... TDF :love:
  9. Congrats! I know how it can be; you really WANT to love something, but deep down, you know it isn't going to happen.
    Enjoy the cabby!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. that is a gorgeous bag!!!! I want all the goodies inside! :flowers:
  12. Congrats love the Neo Cabby
  13. Congrats on your new neo Cabby!
  14. Beautiful bag...congrats...I have also been unsure about a bag...it sure feels great when you do find "the one" that works for you
  15. Congrats!