3rd reveal.. Monalisa..

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  1. Hi all.. I am so excited.. I went to consignment store to try on maxi veneta.. As on my other thread, I am planning to buy big bag with zipper.. The one I tried at boutique is still stiff (which looks like kite next to my body) so I decided to try the "softer" one on consignment store to give the idea how will it be once it's slouch..
    And then.. I saw this bag.. Not big bag with zipper, but I fall in love with Monalisa color.. It's in new condition, never used before.. Long story short.. She comes home with me.. [emoji4]

  2. Parachute is spacious.. Big enough for all my stuff..
    Yesterday i tried to put some stuff for my baby, and it works.. [emoji4]
    Since the bag is without zipper, i put my big pouch to keep my stuff safe..
    The bag has magnetic button, and here is how she looks with all my stuff inside..
  3. And the last pic is my current collection..
    Bella in new chartreuse
    Convertible in black
    Parachute in monalisa

    I am done for now.. I need some time to make all my bag soft and slouch.. Once these all 3 done, I will get more.. [emoji4]

  4. Very very pretty! Your collection is perfect! And it is good to see how much you can get in the Parachute!
  5. Another great bag! Love the parachute too and the color is beautiful. You are indeed on a roll! [emoji6]. Now the fun part of deciding which bag to carry. I switch out every week and it's my favorite part of the week.
  6. The Parachute is one of my favorite BV bags. It's so architectural and so functional. It's super in this color.
  7. Gorgeous, congratulations!!!
  8. Yes, i am happy with parachute.. I am so glad i bring her home..

    I usually change my bag every friday and sunday.. Sunday for rotate my working bag and friday for rotate my weekend bag.. So much fun..

    Yes i love parachute too.. Spacious but does not look "giant".. The color is so pretty.. I'm not purple person, I don't have any outfit in purple, but I totally in love with Monalisa.. :smile:

    Thank you dear.. ;)

  9. You have a beautiful collection and I love your color choices!!!

  10. Thank you dear.. :smile:
  11. great bag!
  12. Lovely bag! I wish we had a consignment store with great finds here.
  13. Congratulations on your beautiful Parachute - purple is my happy colour. Lovely BV family!
  14. Thanks dear.. :smile:

    I saw few consignment store having BV in a very good condition. Lots of pyramid and sloane bag in pristine condition. I was tempted.:P

    Thank you. :smile:
  15. Wonderful color and great bag! The Parachute looks like a workhouse indeed, I am surprised it can store so much but it still looks very compact and neat on the outside. Congrats on your purchase and I love your collection too. ;)
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