3rd party (not buyer or seller!) complains about my feedback


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
Hi! I have a weird situation. I used BIN on a bag that was described as "brand new." I wanted to double-check it was new, so when I asked the seller how many times it was used she said once or twice. new whatever, but ok. :rolleyes: it was an amazing deal.

when i get the bag it is definitely used, with marks on inside and on corners. i write POSITIVE feedback that says "fast shipping. authentic but not brand new as described." seems honest to me, especially since feedback is important for other potential buyers!

so TODAY i get an email from somebody who is not the seller emails and said my feedback is wrong. She said the listing never said it was brand new (false) and that bag was exactly as described.

BUT how would she know that!?! this is weird. :wtf: has this ever happened to anyone else?


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
Could be your seller using an alternate e-mail address to send it to you?
It was a message via eBay, so not real "email," and the weird part is i have NEVER done business with the person who sent the message. Seller is East Coast, but the email person is Midwest.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
My guess it's a friend of the seller's and/or a frequent buyer of their items. That's the only thing I could think of. I can't think why anybody would even care to say something like that unless they had a close relationship with the seller.

But, in this crazy world, I guess you never know.

LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
Midwest USA
Unless you purchased from a seller that does consignment and the person who contacted you is the actual owner??? Regardless, that is strange.

I would ask the person "Who are you and how are you related to the handbag"?


Dreamin' of Oz
Apr 7, 2007
If you haven't had a negative response to your feedback (either in your feedback or as a response to your comment in the sellers feedback) I would just ignore this other eBayer...sure, it's weird and I would probably want to investigate...but, why go looking for trouble? (Which this other eBayer seems to be!)

If you're happy with the bag and feel you have left fair feedback (and IMO you have) then leave it at that.

Enjoy your new bag!


I wouldn't think twice about this...sounds like someone just asking for drama...


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
ITA with Nuts25. The message is may really from your seller but she's using her another ID.
you're probably right. but strange that the IDs are in different parts of the US.

thanks everyone for the support. i felt kind of bad and scared after the email from the seller. you all are great. :heart:


Feb 13, 2008
New York
ebay is totally getting out of control... If the person bothers you again- I say keep the messages and send them to ebay & tell them that this person is harassing you- till then just ignore- as this person is definetely just looking for drama
Nov 24, 2006
I'll wager it's the seller's alternate IDs. When they're logged in as another user and emails to you, that's what you see, another ID. It's nothing to be too alarmed about, I would say.