3rd pair of Chanel espadrilles

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Bought another pair of espadrilles! This is my 3rd pair for this month. :biggrin:
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  2. Nice! Which other two did you get?
  3. image.jpeg image.jpeg These pairs
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  4. nice!! Congrats!
  5. wow how nice! could I ask how much is the leather two-tone beige/black one? I am looking for this pair for a long time, but couldn't find it :sad:
  6. Congrats woww three stunning shoes.
    Is it the tweed true to size? Or need up size? Thanks
  7. Where did you find the blue/grey?
  8. How cute! Random, but I'm thinking about buying an all black pair. Do you think they work well in the winter? Or are they more of a summer shoe?
  9. Love them all!!
  10. How are you finding the sizes? Does the fabric fit differently to the leather?
  11. That's nice wrapping you got there LV lover. Mine didn't come like that ;(
  12. Love them both. Congrats
  13. Hi does anybody know how the espadrilles hold up if I happen to get caught in the rain? Also would you guys say espadrilles are comfortable with ppl who have flat feet?
  14. love this one!