3rd Chanel - luxe flap or classic flap


Which one would you choose for 3rd chanel?

  1. Luxe flap in metallic black

  2. Medium Classic flap in red

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am thinking to get something that I can use in the weekend. I have a black GST for work and a black classic flap for going out. For my third Chanel, I want something casual. I need help deciding which one to get:

    Luxe flap in metallic black - very comfortable and easy to dress up and down. Do you think the style is timeless? For the price, I want to get something that will last a long time....

    Classic flap in red (medium) - i usually don't carry a lot of stuff with me, it should be enough size wise. BUT I haven't seen the red IRL, not sure if I will like the red.

    What would you choose? Thanks girls!
  2. Luxe flap!
  3. Luxe flap, its great for everything you wear.
  4. luxe luxe luxe lol
  5. Classic flap! The red is TDF!
  6. I prefer the shape and style of the Luxe and that color is HARD TO BEAT! I have it and adore it!love::
    Can you find one?

    The flap in red is one of the only ones I'd consider at this point. . . but I vote Luxe.
  7. Luxe!
  8. classic flap!
  9. Swanky, is the metallic color holding up well? does it rub off on the edges?
  10. Luxe flap!
  11. The classic flap in red is TDF!
  12. My Luxe flap looks the same today as it did the day I bought it.
    Even w/ semi-regular use it's in immaculate condition, and I DO NOT baby it really.
  13. I'd say.. CLASSIC!
  14. I vote for the red flap.
  15. the metellic black luxe flap! It is a beauty.