3rd Bbag dilemma! Which one?????

  1. So some of you know that I've succumed into this thing call Bbag addiction.. So any suggestions on the next one? What color? What style? Pics would be helpful too!! Here's my 1st two babies. :smile:
    s/s '07 work sapin
    S/S '07 Truffle city
  2. I vote for a bright color! maybe red or orange or the new ocean? its very pretty!
  3. How about a DAY style....something different from what you have...a more relaxed style?
  4. A first in a cold bright colour!
  5. I'm going to move this to the main page so you can gather more opinions.
  6. I vote for Tomato Day Bag :biggrin:
  7. I would go for a First, to have something small for when you go out. Probably a bright color to make it funky!
  8. i vote for either a day or first in a bright color
  9. :yes: Exactly what I was going to suggest too.
  10. Now it's time for a white twiggy!
  11. definitely a brighter color~

    for the style, city or day~
  12. Congrats....they are gorgeous! Enjoy them with good health~
  13. a day in SGH, plomb or ocean??
  14. :popcorn:
    mmmhhh... I would buy all the Balenciaga palette in this period, anyways I wanted to suggest you either a small purse, like a First.. in a bright colour like vert gazon, blue glacier, or tomato! Just to go out.. Or maybe another city in a color like sandstone, origan...a neutral but light color. The problem is that I like them all!!
    I'm becoming addicted too!!!! :crybaby:
  15. Something in white or red :graucho: