3rd BAG is HERE Dark White Reissue

  1. LOVE THIS BAG ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe a store still had one..
    I was really hoping not to like all the bags that I got:yes:
    3 down and 1 more to go:yahoo:
    THEN I AM BANNED from buying for alittle while:rolleyes:

    ENJOY girls:heart:


  2. :drool: So drool worthy! Lucky lucky you!
  3. Very nice - you are on a roll!
  4. I love that so much! Such great luck that you just stumbled across this... enjoy!
  5. I believe that's the White reissue NOT dark white? Since yours has that 2.55 stamping on it. Just to make it clear for everyone. :p
  6. I LOVE your pool. oh and that bag isnt so shabby either :p
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :yes: :nuts: Great day for you!!
    I've so enjoy gawking at your beauties :drool: :drool:
  8. :drool: Oh, wow! Another beauty! Congrats!
  9. :drool: :love: :drool: :love: :drool: :love: Wow, that's a stunner! 3 down and 1 to go, congrats! I think this is my favorite so far.

  10. The tag does say white...YOU ARE RIGHT..Thank you

    10601 color
    THE SA told me dark white..he said it has grey tints:shrugs:
  11. I love it in white. It's gorgeous. Congrats!
  12. Thank You girls..I don't own a white bag at all so this is great....I wanted to go out to dinner tonite and use one of my bags but MY hubby just told me he will be working from now until tomorrow late afternoon in the studio... so I AM ON MY OWN...I guess I will PLAY with my BAGS :graucho: MAYBE I WILL play dress up and take some pictures with my bags if I get the energy:idea:
  13. You are 3 for 3! What great purchases!
  14. oooh! Please do!!! :yahoo: :drool: :nuts:
  15. Gorgeous!!!