3rd and final reveal!

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  1. Ah!

    I made my third trip this week to my LV store... I should've just predicted my own fate on Tuesday and bought everything at once, haha!

    A quick, mini-reveal--a piece I've always admired! The total opposite of the Brazza wallet I purchased yesterday, just to use for my nights out at the bar and quick errands.

  2. cute and useful item..love the mono print..congrats
  3. Love it! Congrats!

    No go on the Nano?
  4. haha, thanks for remembering, that was the main reason why I went in today... I tried it on, but it just didn't "speak" to me or sit well with me.. so I passed.

    I tried on the lock it (I think that's the name--the one that literally looks like the nano on steroids!), and I *REALLY* liked it, but I just couldn't justify the price of it, no matter how much I love LV, haha.
  5. Love it! So cute! Congrats!
  6. Simple, yet so useful! Congrats!
  7. Bummer! But I can totally understand. You have to get that feeling in your gut with something.
    And yeah, that one's a bit too much $$ for me for that piece. Isn't it about double the price of the Nano? I'd rather get a new wallet or something else.
  8. Love it! I use my mine all the time, more than I thought I would :smile:
  9. Congrats, glad you bought something that spoke to you. Enjoy
  10. Wow your on a roll, congratulations.
  11. cute piece!! congrats!!👍😃👏
  12. I think I need one of those, thanks for sharing! I bet you will use it a lot. : )
  13. Congratulations!
  14. Congrats:smile:
  15. Love it, congrats!