3d party authentification

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  1. Hello,

    I purchased a louis vuitton palermo, bought in paris mid november 2013 with original receipt from a reputable seller on ebay. However, when i received it, it felt plastic and cheap.
    I asked the seller if i could return the bag but when they refused, i opened a dispute case with pay pal.

    On the original receipt, it is an american name, resident in the us... why would he buy it probably christmas shopping in paris, then sell it to a french auction house just a month later.

    Anyway, pay pal has asked me to provide evidence of the bag being a counter feit but i dont really know how to do so since the closest LV shop is hours away and they dont verify authenticity. I have my doubt sending photos to an internet identifier like the seller did because it is a AA replica and on the photos it looks real but when actually touching it, it is easy to feel that it is not the quality of Louis Vuitton. The vachetta leather is also cracking where the stitches are.

    Does anybody know how to have the bag verified by for ex Louis Vuitton - the seller, after many emails, said I have to send it to Louis Vuitton legal department. I have never heard about such a thing.

    Since I payed 960 euros in total and the bag in lv shop cost 1240 euros, I did not save much money. It feels very very expensive for a fake bag, even if it is a super replica.

    I would appreciate any helpful comment!

    kind regards
  2. caroldiva offers this service (small fee)
    and can provide a certificate acceptable
    by ebay and paypal
    good luck
  3. I think this is a tough one because as you say, an authenticator cannot feel the bag... Do you know anyone else that owns this bag? Perhaps you could compare the feel and quality of the canvas first etc
  4. Also, I do not mean to sound patronising, but how long have you been collecting and in your opinion, do you believe that you could spot an authentic bag from a fake? Because I find that sometimes when you look at an item yourself it looks identical but when asking an expert, for example the ladies over in the Authenticate forum, they pick up on things that perhaps you didn't?
  5. Didn't you get the bag Authenticated from the LV authentication forum? I'm sure even if its A replica they will find a few flaws.. It can't be 100%

    Also do you mind to post a pic of the "Cracking" sorry just curious..
  6. I just used authenticate4u and they provided a PDF file stating the bags authenticity it took about a week but I believe that's because I am in the USA and they are UK they had asked for additional pictures then what I had sent originally and that made me feel very comfortable in their expertise. Good luck. I hate that nervous feeling in your stomach when you think you ae been scammed.

  7. I used Caroldiva in a PayPal dispute case years ago and they accepted her authentication.
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    I'd recommend authenticate4u, but if it's the Palermo you already had authenticated on the forum last month (that was deemed authentic by missbanff) and you received the same bag as in the photos, I think you're wasting your $, sounds more like buyer's remorse. Once it comes back with the professional authentication though if confirmed authentic, you could just resell it yourself, might be the best route if you're unhappy with your purchase. I hope you wouldn't tarnish the seller's record if so. (It was a VERY newly manufactured bag so if you're comparing it to the feel of an older canvas bag that could be the difference you're feeling. And people sell their new bags for all sorts of reasons. That's not an indicator of inauthenticity.) Good luck.
  9. Just have it authenticated here. If the bag is now in your posession, one of the people here will authenticate if for you for free...on the Authenticate this thread....not this thread.
  11. Even if its not fake, if they didnt disclose that the leather was cracking, then the bag is not as described, and you can file a SNAD and paypal will side with you.
  12. Have it authenticated....
  13. Your only option is to send photographic evidence to a third party authenticator if you don't believe the seller or the ladies on the Authenticate This thread. Louis Vuitton WILL NOT verify authenticity for you, no matter which department you contact. If you have a good relationship with a Sales Associate then they may help you out informally (but nothing you could submit to PP) but lots of people on this forum have had stores refuse to authenticate items. Equally, sales associates are just that (there for sales) - they are not trained to authenticate!

    There are many reports on this forum of quality issues with LV, including cracking straps, so this is not an indicator that the bag is counterfeit.

    It's up to do what you do really but without a third party verification (one way or another) then you won't get anywhere with PP.

  14. She cannot re-open a new claim again though on the item so this probably won't work for her.

    Sounds like she focused on the fact that she thought it felt weird and thought it was fake for her claim, so now she'll have to deal with that angle only most likely, and give Paypal proof of it being a counterfeit to win the claim. (The other aspects of her unhappiness seemed like an after thought. I'd like to see the cracking she's referring to.) :smile: If it's really a damaged bag, that could/should have been her main focus.

    I didn't really mean to be combative toward the OP :P but as an occasional seller of my items, who sees a LOT with often unknowledgeable buyers, I sometimes feel the need to sort of point out the devil's advocate position. I don't love seeing authentic sellers unjustly accused or feedback (if she leaves it) unnecessarily ruined. I do understand buying online through the 2nd hand market is a bit scary though! Hopefully a professional authentication will help clear things up for the buyer.

    I think this seller too (if it's the bag OP posted in the other thread for positive authentication) has a posted 14-day return policy, so I'm confused about why the return was refused... perhaps OP you can call Paypal and explain that the seller sold it with a return policy that you should be allowed to utilize. (If it's within 14 days still.) Might be your best course of action at this point. :smile:
  15. If you had opened the case with eBay rather than Paypal, you wouldn't have had to pay for an authentication, but unfortunately that's your only option now. Carol Diva's statements of authenticity (or non-authenticity) are accepted by Paypal.

    I would have it authenticated here, first, though - are you 100% sure it's counterfeit?