3D legacy satchel keyfob??

  1. What do you guys think about the new 3D legacy satchel keyfob?? It comes in red or white.

  2. Oh that is pretty! I like it! I think I need to buy one! lol!
  3. Cute!
  4. Very cute! I like it in red
  5. just like the other purses on fobs. nothing superspecial!
  6. this one is actually one of my favorites when it comes to keyfobs and I've only liked one other one so much that i brought it as well, that's the men's level keyfob. actually i brought that about....seven times because I lost it six times. I just brought a new one (last one in my store, there's very few of these left) and i'm keeping it in for a while. gotta be super carefully.

    anyways. it's really cute! and i had this korean mom and daughter come in, looking at keyfobs for the longesssssssst time. they didn't see anything they really wanted to spend $$ on that i guess they thought was worth the price i told them, but then they saw that in the watches' case (this is before the new stuff came out, we just changed the watch case ahead of time so actually it's not suppose to be out)

    and they wanted that one and my manager in the end relented because she was the one who told us to do the watch case ahead of time!

    but long story short.

    it's pretty :smile: