3cc LIPGLOSS? Custom colors lipgloss!!!!!

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  1. Has anyone tried "three custom color" lipgloss line yet? You can either have a gloss custom made (you just send them a swatch) - or pick from the ones they already have.

    I've been wanting to try one called: DOUBLES - ---> "Sofia Coppola sent us a sample of two favorite shades blended together to create a gorgeous ripe blackberry stain which she named Doubles. Doubles became a hit when it was used to launch the Sofia Blanc de Blanc from Coppola Wineries."
  2. No one has tried this line? : (
  3. i've been always wanting to try this gloss....i wonder how it is as well
  4. So I got it! It's a really lovely shade. I can see how it would look great on S.C.
  5. Three Color makes some great products. I think they're more well known for their customization products though. If you send them a swatch of a color or a sample of your favorite lipstick that's been discontinued, they can duplicate the color EXACTLY. I think they can even change the consistency so it's glossier, matte, etc. so you get your PERFECT lipstick :smile:
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