39 weeks and still no signs of labor....

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  1. I'm getting impatient as I'm getting closer to my due date. 2 weeks ago when i went to my doctor's visit he told me I was already 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated. Last week was the same. I'm afraid I'm making no progress and my worse fear would be to go over my due date and get induced.

    It bothers me so much that I show no signs that labor is near. No back pain, no contractions, no mucus plug. I know your body is suppose to be at work weeks prior to labor and I'm trying hard to look for some signs that it is near. But nothing.....

    Waiting is so tough. Is there anything I can do to move things along...???
  2. Don't stress, and walk! Walk walk walk! Oh, have sex too!! That helps also!
  3. I feel your pain! I'm 36 weeks and would love for her to come out now!! I am very uncomfortable and very anxious to meet my little one....I'm not sure of any real tried and true ways to bring on labor but I heard that sex is pretty reliable for jumpstarting labor...something about the semen is supposed to help I think?:shrugs:
  4. DH has a pretty bad flu right now so sex is not really an option at the moment. I suppose I can hit the mall and see if that helps.
  5. I really REALLY think doctors need to stop telling pregnant moms how much they are effaced and dialted prior to going into labor, for this very reason. Those numbers actually have nothing to do with when you will go into labor. I have known women who walked around for weeks 3 or 4 cm dilated!!

    Yes, you can walk, walk, walk, and have sex. Those things will help. And don't stress. Stress will make your labor crap out fast!!

    Hang in there hun! That baby will be here soon!
  6. Oh txngo! I know exactly how you're feeling! I felt the same way when I was pregnant with DD! Once I got to my 37th week I couldn't wait to get her out!!! The best thing I can tell you is to walk! And yes, sex helps too... but considering your DH is sick right now, oh well. Good luck, and let us know how you're progressing!

    btw, my DH and I share the same wedding anniversary and you and yours! How funny!
  7. I absolutely agree, it does nothing but cause anxiety! Remember that a normal gestation is between 38 and 42 weeks, so it may be another week or two before anything really starts happening. Like Christy said, some women walk around at 3 or 4 cms for weeks (raises hand - lol) and others get checked by the doc, told they're 1cm and go home and have a baby that night! Do lots of walking, and when hubby is better, lots of nookie with him finishing inside you (the semen is a cervix ripener). Good luck!
  8. i never had any signs of labor and never went into labor naturally, i was induced. i was dilated 1-2 and felt nothing. it happens! just rest up now. it'll be here before you know it!! :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies.....I guess I"m just really anxious.

    I just got off the phone with my best friend and her SIL had the same due date as mine, and she had the baby a couple of days ago. She went to her normal doctor appointment and the doctor told her she was already dilated 8cm. She went to the hospital and 2 hours later, the baby was out. I wish mine will be that EASY...
  10. :tup: Then there's me: never dilated, never effaced...labors for less than an hour and delivers!
  11. I agree with Christy - these checks are pointless. I swear it's only for doctors to do fantasy due dates polls in the office with their staff.

    I was never checked with either of my kids until I was in labor. First, time I was in very early stages of labor, but was bleeding more than they thought I should be. They had me come in and then had me stay despite it being early labor because I was 80% effaced and 6 cm. (at 38 weeks 5 days). I stayed at 6 cm for 11 hour hours.

    Second baby they decided I should be induced because BP was going up and some weird stuff with my liver enzymes (fearing pre-eclampsia - turns out it was a bad gall bladder). I went in for a nonstress test in the AM and they found I was regularly contracting (I couldn't feel it at ALL.) and they decided to find a room for me because my BP was still high (though baby was fine).

    I go home and pack and get ready to go in. The drive there took 2.5 hours and I was beginning to feel some slight contractions now so I knew the baby was coming anyway. But again, less than strong menstrual cramps. I get there and they break my bag of water (how they wanted to induce- and for me it worked). I was 90% effaced and 5 cm. My contractions stopped so we tried again in the morning and I was 100% effaced and 6 cm when they rebroke my bag of waters (either it resealed or the 'cut' was above cinched shut by pressure.)

    So basically, from that I can gather I was probably walking around pretty effaced and pretty well dilated. I'll never know and I'm glad I knew nothing.

    My sister btw, was 4 cm at 32 weeks and they put her on bed rest (baby #2). She got the "ok" to move around at 37 weeks and despite her now TRYING to get the baby to be born, she went to 40 weeks and was STILL 4 cm dilated when she went into the hospital - all that worry for probably nothing.
  12. Try not to stress - I was 10 days over my due date and remember how uncomfortable I was, but looking back now I think I should have been glad of the extra 10 days rest and sleep!!
  13. The only problem is I can't get any sleep at this point. I wake up every 30 min at night and doesn't go back to sleep for 1-2 hours at times. Last night I was up most of the night. I don't know if its anxiety or what but regardless what I do I cannot put myself back to sleep. And I don't even nap during the day time. I try to keep myself busy with housework and running errands. I need to learn to just relax...
  14. You poor thing! Are you having any caffeine later in the day? I was just like you describe with my second before my induction with her, and it wasn't until a couple of months later that I realized my daily afternoon coke was interrupting my sleep at night - duh! If you're not having any caffeine, then it sounds like anxiety which can really disrupt your sleep too.
  15. I feel your pain, I don't know if you remember my, 100% effaced, will I deliver soon thread. I was on pins and needles for 2 whole weeks. In the end they had to give me poticin to get me to go past 2 centimeters, I walked around for weeks at 2cm.