1. I heard that alot you guys use ******...i am trying to purchase a cles on eluxery but before i do how do i use ******? helppp
  2. First of all, you need to go to ******.com to sign up. Then, while signed into ******, select Eluxury from the list of stores. Eluxury will launch in a separate window. The amount you spend there, along with other stores, will be tracked, and each quarter your rebate will be either mailed to you or sent to your Paypal account.
  3. ****** is great! I have been using them for 2 years. Go to ******.com and sign up for an account. Once you're enrolled, go to the tab were you can choose your stores and click on eluxury.com. A tracking ticket should pop up and you will be redirected to eluxury. Purchase your item as normal, and within a few days, you will receive an email from ****** advising that a rebate has been credited to your account for a percentage of your total purchase from eluxury. As long as you access eluxury.com through the ****** site, ****** will automatically know what you purchased and apply the rebate accordingly. Hope that helps!!
  4. thanks guys!!! they didnt have the fuscia so i had to call the store
    asking if they had any more fuscia perfo cles and said not one in the whole country has one but I found one in indiana!! She also to me as soon as the green and orange finish there will be no more! i just posted a thread about it!!!
  5. how much are these rebates?
  6. eluxury is 3%.
  7. ^^ 3% for Elux
  8. Oops...posted at the same time.

    Other stores get some special discounts as well.
    I couldn't use ****** b/c when I tried to place my order from Elux it gave me an error. Apparently Elux has a system that doesn't allow you to make orders if your IP is international.
    I had to place my order via Live Help so of course I won't get any rebates...oh well...at least I got my bracelet!