$37,500 charm bracelet?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Isn't this a little rich? I remember an SA at Bal Harbour showing us the bracelet a few weeks back, I can't recall it costing more than a BMW 3 Coupe though. :Push:
  2. It's a little higher than retail, which would be about $30,000. The bracelet alone is around $7,000 and each charm is in the $3,000 range.
  3. There goes Megs' Xmas present... :cry:
  4. I saw that and wow, that's a year's salary for most people.
  5. Oops!! :wtf: ;)
  6. I think it's reasonably priced...like how Bag*Snob said, if you add up the price of each individual charm+bracelet... then it's about that price
  7. Might start with the bracelet with a couple of her favorite add on the charms as every few months:angel: :love:
  8. Very pricey! I would buy a Nissan with that money!
  9. I'd rather have the BMW. :jammin:
  10. I rather have the bracelet... It will never depreciate in value... My DH gets a new car from me every year....

    IMO, Megs deserves this little blingy thing.... :P :love: :angel:
  11. The 2 steamer charms are over $5k each. I am sure if u were to get technical and do the math it proably equals out to be around that price

    it will never sell on eBay lol
  12. Jewelry does depreciate in value - it is not an investment, same as our bags.
  13. i'd rather buy a chanel camelia watch...have u guys seen that the one not in the watch section actually...but it's magenta and has closure

    oops is it blasphemy to mention chanel in lv thread?
  14. Investment in a relationship. Not monetary.

    Cars start depreciating the minute you sign the lease or cash out right:P
  15. OMG!!!:nuts:
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