37/37.5 Ladies, what is your most/least favorite style, and your most sought after.

  1. I am curious about what the girls my size like :biggrin:
    I'll start
    My favorite style: Pigalle 120 hands down
    My least: Anything under 120 really, specially under 100s.
    My most sought after: At the moment, probably, the pigalili in black, or any exotic pigalles.
  2. Josefa or Josephine and the original Lady Gres.

    I also want a Pigalle but I don't wear a 37 in that shoe!
  3. Yeah I am a 36.5 pigalle too :biggrin:
  4. I'm a 37 in most of my styles, I have a 38 in Twistochats, but they were too big so I had the slingback taken in a couple cm's
    My favorite style: So hard! I'd say MBBs and VPs
    My least: Not a huge fan of the Trash models, but they are growing on me ;)
    My most sought after: Dark red eel Altadamas...but since I JUST got a pair of python VPs, I'm not allowed anymore till next year boooo!! :tdown: