35cm vs. 32 cm. Kelly? Opinions please...

  1. I've placed an order for a 32cm sellier in Black Chevre for next year; I've only owned the retourne/souple before, but after reading comments about the sellier Kelly, I am wondering if I should order it in a 35cm as opposed to the 32cm since the rigid construction will restrict contents a bit.

    Does anyone know what the measurements are of the 35cm are so I can do a mockup? Any opinions or pictures of the 35cm Kelly being worn? The bag will be meant for use everyday. Thanks~
  2. hiya orchids -- i don't have any info for you :shrugs: , but your post looked all lonely without any answers so if figured i'd pop in and say hello.
  3. thanks DQ--you're so sweet! I know a lot of the gals own 28s and 32s, but not sure if anyone has a 35 to answer my question!
  4. Thanks SO much DG!! You're such a gem and always so helpful! That thread was quite useful, although I'm wondering what a 35cm rigide would look like.
  5. ^ Orchids, this is TOTALLY my personal opinion, (and I'm a shortie, too) but I think the 35cm Sellier Kelly looks very much like a small briefcase. PERFECT for work. I tried one on, and on ME, the size overwhelmed the feminine characteristics and "aura" of the bag. I just prefer the 35cm Birkin - more of a tote.
    Fopduck has a 32cm chevre Kelly Sellier - you could pm her about the capacity.
  6. I have to throw my 2 cents worth in too, T......I agree with GT. I think you might like the 32cm a little better also since you have the lovely Birkins in the 35cm. A gorgeous Black Chevre (and I want one too!!!!!!!) Kelly is so perfect for day to night that to go any bigger than the 32 rigide might take the evening option out of the ballpark. We're about the same height and anything bigger than the 32cm on me looks like luggage.....I'll post some measurements as soon as I have a sec so you can do a mock-up. Might be a little later tho....have to cook up something for dinner!
  7. Thanks gals--I'm a curvy 5' 3 1/2--D, I think you're taller than me! I always thought that my 32 souple started to get a little "precious" looking for my casual lifestyle now that I'm at home.
  8. hi orchids! I have two 35 Kellys and love the size. I am 5'3 1/2 too and curvy and the 35 is perfect. I've had 32s and sold them...I have one 32 left in a vintage black croc!
  9. I LOVE that black Croc, LH! Gorgeous!!!!!

    T.....I looked taller beause I had wedges on! That added a few inches!
  10. LH--thanks for the great feedback--hmmm, perhaps I should make it a 35cm retourne vs. the sellier? D--LOL!
  11. ^ That would cut down on the size a little Retourne bags will always appear slightly smaller, but will hold more.
    Addicted had one of these in Chocolate chevre - I think she sold it but it still might be in the reference thread.
  12. pardon my ignorance, what is retourne?
  13. ^^Retourne is the new name for souple--inside stitching, more slouch, less formal of a look than sellier/rigide--wish they would just have kept the original name!
  14. thanks, orchids! what's wrong with the souple term? he, he...