35cm Rouge H Vache Liegee Kelly with GH Available!!!

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  1. I just got a call from my SA at Neiman Marcus that they have a 35cm Rouge H Kelly in Vache Liegee with gold hardware (TDF):love:!

    Way too big for me, but if anyone here is interested, call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442!!!!
  2. Sellier or retourne?
  3. Not sure! Definitely call her- I think she said it was $8500? So it might be sellier.
  4. I just called- it's sellier.
  5. I hope a tPF'er gets her!!
  6. OMG! I called and this bag is STILL available! I cannot believe it!!! Someone adopt this gorgeous bag!!
  7. How yummy! I adore 35cm kellys.
  8. wow this bag sounds gorgeous!!
  9. If only the bag were a 28!! I would be ALL OVER IT!! 35 is really huge on me. You would barely see my head! I am now on this RougeH kick. LOVE it.
  10. sounds gorgeous....too big for me too, but wow!!
  11. Boo.... if only I felt ok spending that money on a bag right now (I'm still suffering from some price shock, since the priciest bag I have was $1300 retail), I would so get it, since 35cm is my PERFECT size. Grrrrrrr!!!
  12. it's a lovely kelly! someone plz take her home! :drool:

    btw, I didn't know that NMs carry Hermes handbags?!
  13. ^^^ Only two NM's carry H bags. Troy, Michigan and I just forgot the other one. Anyone??
  14. Mazza Gallerie at Tyson's Corner is the other one.