35cm Paris Bombay

  1. Does the new Paris Bombay in 35cm come only in Epsom and Vache Liegee? Is it the design of the bag that warrants using a stiff leather to hold its shape? I would love to hear your opinions on this. Thanks a heap!
  2. :yes: I think the design needs a stiff leather to fold correctly in shape. I've only ever seen PBs in epsom or VL too.
  3. Thank you, crochetbella. So if I love the size, I'll have no choice but to get it in one of these leathers then. There is an orange one somewhere ....
  4. I would love to see the new size IRL. :drool:
  5. I did hear that Hermes decided to make the Paris Bombay in this 35cm size because they received too many feedback in the past that it was either too big or too small and hence this 35cm should rock it!
  6. :yes: Definitely! The small is just a little too small for me...this one sounds perfect! :love:
  7. What is a Paris Bombay??? would love to c some pics...
  8. I could be imagining this but I thought they made PBs in swift? I thought I saw one that's not epsom or VL..:shrugs:
  9. It comes in box, too.
  10. I use the small size as an evening bag.
  11. They have it in boxcalf at my store. Yum.

  12. Yipee! This is such great news! I shall wait out for box calf then. :yahoo:
  13. Box is so beautiful!!! Perfect bag for night if you get the PM size. The big size is just to big.

    I have a PM size in Vache Liegee.

  14. Here is an upclose picture of the leather. Vache Liegee is such a beautiful leather.

  15. Baggs....how beautiful! Do you wear it a lot?