35cm ostrich ...

  1. Hypothetically, if a 35cm birkin in a rare, once-thought discontinued colour becomes available, would you get it? Does a 35cm ostrich look over powering? I love my porosus croc in 30cm and not any other size. I am wondering if a 35cm ostrich would look larger than a 35cm non exotic?

    Does anyone have a 35cm ostrich to show for scale against a 35cm non-exotic? Modelling shots would be very much appreciated.
  2. MrsS - :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :graucho:

  3. MrsS., if the color worked for me and my wardrobe, I would get it in a steaming hot second! YES. I do not think a 35 ostrich would look overpowering - I personally feel the ostrich is a much more subtle exotic than the croc or lizard.

    Sakara has 35 ostrich and non-exotics in the middle of this page:


    Pls let us hear a little more about your dilemma?? :graucho:
  4. Honestly, colored ostrich in a 35 is a bit much for me. The color in this case (fuchsia) is already eye-catching, and in a 35, it's not really me...but I love the bag just the same. I think I would have done better with a smaller bag in this skin/color.
    Here is an old, previously posted photo of it next to etoupe clemence.
  5. Katel, sigh ... it's not hypothetical to be honest ...some time back when I was studying the colours of ostrich that I thought that I might one day acquire (I am in no hurry, and it can certainly take its time), I found that I was drawn to the blues. And of the blues, after consulting the ladies here and looking at the pictures on a regular basis, I shortlisted cobalt blue ostrich, bleu roi ostrich and blue jean ostrich.

    Of the 3, I like blue jean ostrich best. I can never carry a BJ non exotic. It's just not me. But BJ ostrich is so muted, I like it. I was however cautioned by my manager that some ladies find BJ ostrich a wash-out. Then again, I didn't have high hopes to ever see BJ ostrich because it's said to be discontinued.

    I was expecting to see a H bag in cobalt blue ostrich to help me make up my mind. But this order was cancelled by Paris. :sad:

    Then out of the blue (sorry for the silly pun here), a little birdie tells me that she might be able to source a BJ ostrich for me but the only thing is, it's a 35cm! All else is perfect! 35cm is a size that I would not choose myself! I am a 30cm birkin girl. But it's in BJ and it's with PHW .... so I'm in a dilemma. I so love BJ in ostrich but I am afraid I will regret because it's a 35cm. What should I do? (I have a headache just thinking about this)
  6. [​IMG]

    Pepper, all exotics are eye-catching. And in my scheme of things with full logic switched on, exotics looks more delicate in smaller sizes. Because even in smaller sizes, it shouts "look at me" KWIM? So that's why I kind of think 35cm and above can be rather intimidating. I wonder if I am the only one who thinks like this. With croc, it's very clear to me. 35cm is a big no no. But now, I am not sure if I'm making excuses to own a 35cm ostrich because it's not croc? I am confused.

    May I ask for a body shot of yourself carrying both bags to show me what they look like? I think that might help me make up my mind.
  7. And one more thing............blue jean is somewhat degrade (right word--not sure) in ostrich but beautiful and understanded and misty. My philosophy on croc and exotics is the same --keep it small and special. but for this color it will work
  8. MrsS, FWIW...I love all the blues in ostrich. Not sure why. I am not a blue person, but something about them...
    Here is the shot you requested. I am 5'6".
    Etoupe and Fuchsia in action0001.JPG
  9. Mrs.S it sounds like a beautiful bag. In LA 35cm in exotic is noticeable, but not unheard of. I vote yes!
  10. MrsS, for what it may be worth, I love Ostrich in color. For me, exotics can really bring some hues alive and can access dimensions of color that are not available in the regular leathers. However, it has to be your preferred color range, of course.
    This being said, for me, the color along with the skin is usually a fairly intense combination, so I would always prefer a size bag with which I felt most comfortable, so that it is not overwhelming. However, 35cms. are a nice tote size, esp. in a more rigid skin, as ostrich, of course, would be.
    I recently saw a lovely Vert Anis 35cm. and it was not the least bit "showy" or "overwhelming". I do think that especially because the BJ is a bit subdued, you might enjoy the larger size.
    I apologize for not being able to be more helpful and exacting. But I do wish you the best of luck in determining if this piece will be the right fit for you in the end.

  11. welll...if you are having a hesitation on the 35, I guess I would reluctantly say perhaps don't get it. You may not enjoy it 100% when you wear it. That would be the most tragic thing of all. But don't you have 35 non exotic Birkins? If the bj is understated, you would probably grow to love it, bigger size and all!

    Perhaps (I say sadly) my vote is you should wait for your perfect 30 bj ostrich - it will come along one day, probably sooner than you think. BUT if you think you could even slightly live with the 35 and it makes you crazy to let this one go, get it!! You can always resell it if it doesn't go out with you enough.

    SIGH is right! I am NO help! (I really think you should get it!! Don't let it go!!)
  12. Pepper! You are stunning!! (and so are your H bags!!) I caught you earlier in the Hermes in Action thread wearing your rouge H Kelly - wowza - you Go Girl!!!

  13. I'm for waiting as well. Even my own SA knows that I will not accept handbags if they show up one size too big, regardless of skin. Good luck!
  14. An ostrich 35 in a non-neutral colour is definitely eye catching and would look larger than a dark bag. I've had that experience with mine.

    I understand that your preferred size is a 30. And that your leather 35 Birkin is being listed for sale since you don't feel comfortable with the size. In that case perhaps you should just wait for an ostrich in a 30, otherwise you would be repeating your size mistake again.
  15. I have a 35cm ostrich in rouge VIF- which is quite bright...but at the same time soo elegant..I carry it everywhere...day to night...i guess for me 35cm is considered the smallest size ill ever go..so ostrich for me is perfect in a 35cm..i hate it in smaller sizes...
    GET IT...YOU MUST!! you wont regret it im sure