35cm Orange Swift Kelly with Palladium HW! UPDATE WITH PICS OF CURRENT STOCK!!!!

  1. 35cm Orange Swift Kelly with PH for I think $6200! :heart:

    I will give the information for the SA and store to the first person that PMs me. :tup:
  2. I know which one you are talking about. She called me too.
  3. Oooh...I received a call as well...sounds lovely...was wishing for a dark color...
  4. I'll be shocked if it is still there by the time I get there. Such a gorgeous combo!!!
  5. I love orange!
  6. OMG! I held it today! It is so gorgeous! I asked permission if I could release the name and store, and they said yes!

    So call Lisa Hamlin (I know, big surprise) at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested! I also took a bunch of pictures for everyone! So give me a few to resize the pics, and I will post them for you!
  7. Ok, here you go! The first pic is of my Kelly with Emanu1016's Kelly together with the Orange Swift Kelly! The rest are of stock at NM in Troy, Mi!
  8. More!
  9. And a little more ;)
    Picture 025.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg Picture 029 (2).jpg Picture 031 (2).jpg
  10. Pics are gorgoeus :drool::drool::drool:. Thanks Jag
  11. woweee zoweee they have a lot of super nice stuff.
  12. The Orange Kelly was AMAZING--the color was SO vibrant and rich--LOVED IT!

    I wanted to grab the Kelly and Fuchsia croc and RUN---they were that beautiful!!
  13. jag, what color/leather is this bolide

  14. Kicks- It was gold and I want to say clemence, but I am not certain. Definitely call Lisa and she will find out for you! It is such a gorgeous bolide!
  15. Great pics Jag - thanks!! Love to see IRL --