35cm kelly or birkin?

  1. Help.

    My first Hermes. I want an orange one in 35cm. Should I get a kelly 35cm in chevre leather or a birkin togo or swift leather in orig orange or potiron? Oh, so many choices! Help! Thanks!

    Oh, this bag is for shopping or travelling.
  2. Hi Mariz,

    The orange Kelly you have found is very special as it is in chevre and you will hardly find a 35 bag in chevre leather these days.
    So that's one thing.
    The other thing is that a Birkin or a Kelly are very different bags.
    Pros of Birkin: easy to get in and out of. Can hold a lot. Relaxed tote-style look.
    Cons: no shoulder strap
    Pros of Kelly: shoulder strap, relaxed yet elegant look.
    Cons: can be a bit cumbersome to get in and out of.

    It's a question of what makes your heart sing.
  3. I definitely recommend trying them on in person if you are able. Each of them have different personalities.

    I am a huge fan of the Hermes orange. I have it in at 35 togo birkin and just love it. And I'm not an orange lover. But it's a bright happy color and perfect for this summer and the India colors.

    Togo can take a lot of abuse where the swift cannot, so if you're using it for travel, get the togo. I take my birkins when I fly and love the fact that I can buckle them up to go through the scanner without worry for my things dropping out. It is practically perfect for me. I pack my little LV Sunset Blvd violet clutch inside (it's in all the ads right now - it doubles for my wallet) and I'm set.
  4. Oh that's a tough call...for me, the shoulder strap is a huge +. I have a kelly 32 and a birkin 35 and I use the Kelly more.
  5. I have a 35cm Birkin as well as a 35cm Kelly. I use the Kelly a lot but I find the 35 Birkin to get heavy and cumbersome to carry.
  6. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you so much for all your help. I still can't decide though :sad:
    I love the style of Birkin but its kinda heavier then Kelly...ugh!
  7. would you consider a kelly 32? I have a 35 birkin and I think it's too big and heavy for me (i'm 5'4). I think a kelly 32 is the perfect size.
  8. tingdibble,
  9. For traveling or shopping, a single-handle kelly might be too laborious. All the weight will be on that single handle so it'll be very heavy on your arms not to mention not easy to get in and out of to get your passports or reach for your wallet during that critical moment!

    I would recommend a 35 birkin for travel and shopping, you can keep the birkin open for easy access and once you're on the plane ready to take off, you can easily close the bag to prevent items from falling out.

    In fact I'm thinking of getting a 35 birkin myself because I travel quite a bit myself. Orange color is BEAUTIFUL. Swift leather doesn't have much veins, it's more smooth. I personally prefer togo or clemence for the slouch and also heavy texture. I like a birkin looking slouch and sloppy over time. It's tres chic!