35cm Epsom Gold with Palladium? Yea or Nay?

  1. Hello again,
    I have been stalking Hermes for a bag for my mother for xmas and they have turned up a 35cm Epsom Gold with Palladium. What to you think of that choice? Would you be happy with that bag? I personally like the color, but am sort of on the fence about Epsom. Hoping my search is over... I need any feedback I can get before I take off to the store tomorrow morning.

  2. I say "Yes". Epsom is so durable, and in a 35cm ... it's pleasurable to use. Lighter.
  3. I wouldn't contemplate. Yes from me, too. I just got my 30 Cognac Epsom w/PH and it's perfect for every day! It is my second Epsom. I must add I wanted exactly Epsom for my next Birkin. I wanted Cognac but Gold is just as stunning.
  4. I'll be honest....although I do think epsom durable and lightweight (especially good for a 35), I only like the way certain colors appear on it....mainly brights , white and black. I never cared for gold or browns in epsom...they look a bit plastic-y compared to the other beautiful leathers that you can get neutrals in. If it were BJ, red, black I'd say yes - but in gold....you may not get the WOW from your mom's face that you'd be hoping for. Just my $0.02....
  5. if it was planned for your mum - i will say AYE as its a great color for her age (very versatile, not too loud)

    & its light so she will appreciate carrying the bag out.
  6. The color is a great neutral :yes: !!!
    And for the leather, it's very a matter of personal taste...
    I'm not fond of Epsom (because I don't like the "grain" of this leather)...
    But a lot of pfers love this leather because is very lightweight, and almost waterproof + scratchproof...
    If your mother would love an everyday bag, easy to use without any fears, she'll be happy with Epsom...
  7. Its sounds like a lovely bag. I say yes. I think your mom will be very happy with whatever hermes bag you buy her. Gold is a great neutral color. Understated, yet elegant. I love it, I hope she does too.
  8. I love gold birkins -- I have gold with gold HW, but gold with palladium is lovely too. As for the epsom, you will know when you see it if it is the right leather for you/your mom. It's light and durable. Whether your mom will want a stiff leather is a personal choice.

    Anyway gold birkin -- woohoo -- a classic!
  9. I have this bag, but with GHW....love it, can really "use" it without too much worry as it is so durable. YES!
  10. Buying an Hermes bag as gift for someone is really tricky business, IMO. It's really best to know up front what her likes and dislikes are.....If you are on the fence about the leather, perhaps there is a way to ask her about it that doesn't let the cat out of the bag? Something like, "Wow, Mom.....Hermes has so many different leathers. I love Epsom. What do you think?"
  11. I have a Natural (a shade off from gold, a bit less brown undreneathe) Epsom Kelly. I absolutely adore the lightness, the durability, and the colour. She goes out more than others, because I don't have to baby her half as much - and she's a 28 rigide! So my vote is YES.

    If she doesn't like it, you just send it MY way LoL
  12. I'd personally pass, but for me the Epsom would be a problem.