35cm Clemence Birkin in Black/GH????

  1. I always thought a Birkin was out of my price range but then, I realized I have recieved 3 MJ bags and a wallet since Christmas!! Total cost over 4 grand. What is the price of this fabu bag and do I have to get on a waiting list?? Remember, I am new here!!
  2. That's the bag that makes me go :love: and :drool:
  3. You'd have to save a bit more, but it's worth it!

  4. hmmm....how much more??
  5. Not sure about gold hardware but 35cm birkin with palladium is about US$7500.
  6. Gold Hardware is the same price, it's the leather that could make it a bit more expensive, but not much.
  7. If it sounds expensive, think of it as $20.50 a day for a year. Get into a few thrifty habits - and you can avoid spending twenty dollars a day just like that. And since that's just about how long it takes for these bags to arrive, you'll be all set.
  8. FAB advice, FLEUR!!!! $21.00/day for one year and you have your bag!!!!!
  9. It's a flexible formula. If, say, someone wanted an Elle matte croc, all her cat would have to do is avoid spending $96.00 a day for a year. :smile:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. it*girl, your Birkin choice will be lovely. I have a 35 Black Birkin with Palladium hardware and it is my favorite bag of all time. Makes me feel very special each time I carry it. Fingers crossed that you can get your bag real soon!
  12. LMAO!!!!! (Muffin has a hard time keeping her paws off the BIN button.......although she's been really, really good lately :p)
  13. IT*GIRL...it's a great bag! It's completely worth saving up that extra money....mine is a 30cm black Clemence with Palladium and I love it....it's my workhorse bag! You can't believe what I schlepp around in that thing!!!!!
  14. Fleur, I love your math!! That's a great way of describing how one can acquire a H bag. :smile:

  15. Your choice of birkin sounds lovely.

    Set up a birkin fund like what some of the ladies here are doing.