35cm chocolate birkin in togo VS 25cm chocolate birkin in lizard

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Which on would you choose?

  1. 35cm chocolate birkin in togo / GHW

  2. 25cm chocolate birkin in lizard / PHW

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies, I'd love to get some of your opinions here.

    35cm is the perfect size for me, but I love chocolate in lizard.If you can only choose one, which would you choose? And why?
  2. #2 Jul 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
    the 25 lizzie is small and it is more of a special occasion/dinner/drinks type tote.

    25 lizzie is really gorgeous and I couldn't take my hands off when I tried it but decided not to get it.

    if I have to choose one and I live in a place where it doesn't rain/snow too much, it is definitely 25lizzie (this is the reason why I chose not to get it because of weather).
    if you have other normal leather birkins already, definitely a lizzie.

    the downside is, if you are used to 35, the 25 will look really small in comparison.
    i thought the 25lizzie was small and i only have 30.

    goodluck with the decision and let us know what you decide.

    can you tell that i really like lizzie?
  3. If I already have some big bags then I will go to the 25 Lizard. I've seen some ladies(in different age group) carry the Lizard 25 birkin and loved the look. especially when you shopping. and the color chocolate also easy to wear as a day bag. I think I prefer the lizard birkin in 25 than the shiny Croc 25 birkin. (I have a shiny Croc 25 birkin but can't wait for my 25 Lizard birkin to arrive).
  4. BlueWin – where I live, it doesn’t rain/snow much. I am only 5’3 but 35cm suits my lifestyle very well, besides it’s very handy when I travel.

    LQYB – I have 4 big bags so far, 2x35cm Birkins, 1x40cm Kelly and 1xSK. I will definitely use 25cm as a day bag, and stuff all my other things into my computer bag.:P (which colour did you order for your 25 lizard)
  5. my vote goes to the 35 without hesitation! A 25 is just too small for me no matter what the leather might be. I don´t need evening purses so that one is just not going to work for my style. Good luck!

  6. mkl, I love the look of the 25 lizard birkin especially on a day dress. or a skirt. just so lovely. I am a big purple fan so you know:P

    I've seen the 25 lizard birkin on Jeans too. well, nothing will look bad with the delicious Lizard. lol.
  7. It looks like 35 has a strong lead so far.

    LQYB – How I adore lizard birkin! I saw a fuchsia birkin early this year, unfortunately, it was for display only.
  8. I don't own lizard, or a 25, which would be way too small for me. But I love how the ladies here carry them. I wonder if lizard would be a good choice for an everyday bag you plan to stuff with your wallet, phone etc? Maybe people who own a lizard bag can chime in. I'd love to know how lizard holds up to use.
  9. Me too.
  10. mkl...since you already have 2 35cm Birkins, I will strongly advise the the 25cm lizzie. In chocolate, it will be a great casual exotic bag.

    I used my ombre lizzie KP as a day bag while shopping, running daily errands, casual dinners with family. I was surprised at how durable lizzie is. It required less babying than ostrich & croc.

    While 25cm may appear too small in comparison to the 35cm, I have seen ladies of various shapes, sizes & proportions with it and it is simply divine. If you should get it, I am confident the bag will grow on you. And as with the persistence and determination of any bag lover, even if the bag is too small for daily bag contents & necessities, we will find ways to overcome that by using another bag.:lol::lol:

    Go for it, girl!!:happydance:
  11. 25cm is too small for everyday use...i will go for 35 instead.
  12. I would go with lizard...i love exotics!
  13. Chocolate togo B is one of my dream H bags - perfect for everyday use. I would reserve the Lizzie for a small Kelly for special occasions :smile:
  14. Ladies, thanks for all your input.

    Bluewin - Thank you for posting the link