35cm Brique Kelly in VL avail at NM! And other fab bags- PICS!!!

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  1. Just got back and had Lisa Hamlin from NM send me a pic of this gorgeous Kelly. I love Vache Liegee, and brique is just stunning. The 35 is just too big for me (I am 5'1"), but OMG it is stunning! I couldn't believe that it was still there when I got there, and still is available. I don't know how much longer this will be there!

    Here are the stats:
    35cm Brique Vache Liegee with PH! $6550
    They ship worldwide for $50
    Double In Circle Points right now!

    They also still had an Ebene CDC cuff that is so gorgeous! NM rarely has one- and I thought someone here was still looking for one....:graucho:

    They also just got in a Black VL Paris Bombay and the 31cm Blue Jean Clemence Bolide is still there!!!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 :flowers:.
    DSC03010.JPG DSC03012.JPG
  2. Here are more pics of bags I just received from Lisa!!! She is the best!

    Paris Bombay in Black VL (she said its 35cm) with PH $4550
    Paris Bombay in Blanc in Epsom (35cm as well) $4200
    More pics of the Kelly

    There is also a Grey in what looked like flannel (but probably not???) Garden Party that is really beautiful. I asked for pics of that as well- not sure of its stats but really gorgeous!
    DSC03029.JPG DSC03035.JPG DSC03030.JPG DSC03033.JPG
  3. *cries* If only my NM charge didn't have a limit......

    Man I love that Kelly
  4. Ok here's the Garden Party. I really like this one- It's "Feutre Laine Canelee Argente" and $1600. I just think it is so stunning!
  5. Oh yeah, that's right. My card has a limit. I totally forgot about that. My first thought was only oooh pretty!!! I want!!! It didn't occur to me that I can't get her even if I could justify the purchase to SO (he put me on a ban). Just goes to show bags come first, everything else comes later. Thanks Jag for posting! The bag is lovely. I hope a pfer gets her.
  6. I see my bolide in the background of that last pic, J.... :cry:
  7. I just noticed that RBB! I visited it today too- it is such a gorgeous bolide! SO tempting!
  8. I actually asked once about the "limit" and I told them that I may be making a big purchase so they said no worries. It has more to do with security than anything else. So can't hurt to call customer service to find out in advance. And they take American Express too so you can always split it on two cards.

    how's that for enabling:p
  9. ^^Too bad I don't have AmEx or that bag would have gone home with me! I wasn't sure about the limit on my NM charge but it's $1k... enough to get in trouble... :graucho: or at the very least get an RAOK gift for my buddy! :tup:
  10. Hey jag, what are you doing Thursday for lunch? It's double points day! You can see my Troika.
  11. Btw, another awesome bag at N-M Troy is a 31cm Bolide in Noisette Doblis (suede.) It's a terrific neutral and oh-so-touchable.
  12. I really like that brique!!!!!!!! what a sweetie of Lisa to send pics!
  13. I tried a brique 35 kelly w/gold HW a couple of weeks ago at Wall St -- just beautiful!! Unfortunately, I have my heart set on an orange 35 kelly.....
  14. Coco, I saw that noisette bolide when I was there-- it was STUNNING! Is the Noisette Kelly Pochette still there too or is it gone?

  15. Nuts! I have to work!!!! I went in today so they pre-rang my stuff for double points. I can't believe I am going to miss you:crybaby: and the troika! PM'ing you now!