35cm Black Box Kelly with Gold Hardware

  1. I have finally decided what my next bag I want.

    I have 2 birkins and a Kelly and I think its time to get the holy grail of Hermes bags.

    Does anyone know if its hard to find a 35cm black box kelly with goldhardware?

    I have good SA that will locate things for me...but I didn't know if those came in much.

    I have seen box sit at my local Hermes for a long time......

    but I wanted just to ask the experts! thanks!
  2. no responses? everyone must hate me :sad: I am feeling sorry for myself today.

    maybe I can find one in Paris when I go next week. it will be fun to get one in Paris...and save money! I hope there is alot of money savin though
  3. Hello! SO excited for you! You should definitely have some luck in Paris! and please keep us posted! will be keeping fingers crossed for you!
  4. Black box with gold hardware is a great choice. I think 35cm in Kelly is hard to find in general, but like jag said maybe in Paris you'll have the best luck. It will be beautiful!
  5. You know - even though 35's are sometimes harder to find, they do tend to make them more in neutrals than colors, so you might get lucky.

    Your best bet will be Paris, so keep your fingers crossed!
  6. There are quite a few vintage Black Box 35s out there. I always get excited until I reallize they are 35 ( and too big for me)....or do you want new only?
  7. well I am going to check out PARIS! and London...and if I come back with nothing...I might wait on eBay for a good deal. I want close to new!

    paris paris! paris!

    I will keep you guys posted on what I see when I am in the store.

    I hope I don't get myself in trouble.
  8. ah, GG! paris, you lucky girl! are you going to be able to post your travels to the H store? and perhaps, pics of the :drool: windows there?
    good luck!

    and you can't go wrong with black box :drool:
  9. Good luck, Paris has such great inventory I think you will find one there. Black box with GH is stunning.
  10. Great choice, guccigal07! It's the ultimate Hermes. Hopefully you'll find it on your trip to Paris. I hear great things from that shop. Fingers crossed!
  11. I will def take pics of hte window for you. no worries. there should be some good goodies there....in the window since its in the middle if SPRING.
  12. Sounds dreamy Guccigal! I sure hope you find it!!
  13. well the good thing is...my store is getting for fall/winter a black box kelly 32cm with GHW.....souple. so that is good! how much will this cost in the USA?
  14. Sounds beautiful. And sounds like something I would like too. Good luck! Please come back with lots of pictures.
  15. thanks all! I just found out my boutique is getting a kelly 32cm souple black box with gold for fall. so hmm. that is tempting.