35163 Studded Market Tote

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  1. Does anyone have one of these bags? Looking at them on EBay so I just wondered how they have held up. If the studs have stayed attached.
  2. F35163 is the studded Street Tote. I have the retail version of it (mini studs Taxi Tote), as well as the mini studs Edie, both of which I've used quite a bit, and all the studs are intact. No issues with either of them.
  3. I've actually been impressed with how well the studs seem to be holding. I don't have this bag mentioned, but I have an oxblood wristlet with mini-studs that goes in and out of things fairly often, as well as lots of feathers with studs (and they swing around on my bags often).

    Not one stud has disappeared. And I've been watching on-line comments around here too ... no one else has mentioned studs disappearing either (at least that I've read).
  4. Is your Mini Studded Edie's still holding up? I can't remember if you have Black AND Oxblood but I'm asking everyone how it's doing after this period of time.
  5. I have the mini studs Edie in black (bought it in spring 2015). it looks brand new!
  6. Thanks for responding. Do you use it a lot? I know many of us have a "collection". I would use it for a week and then rotate :smile:
  7. I bought the studded taxi tote from 6pm a little while back and the studs have been holding up well. I got the tote when they had it on sale for $220 and then got an additional 10% off so I ended up paying around $200 for it.
  8. Thanks...I think the Tote is made differently but good to know the studs are holding up.
  9. I use it for a week at a time & rotate. I've used it a lot, though. It's a favorite of mine.
  10. I have this tote and use it 5 days a week...
    have been for a year. The studs are fantastic. The edge paint is wearing off the handles.
  11. Thanks for letting me know! I got the Large Studded Edie in Oxblood from 6pm. It ended up being 75% off and I had liked the bag when they were at the Outlets but didn't want to pay $440...they were 50%/20%. It came a little wrinkled but was in a box. I have it stuffed and applied some heat to help. It is larger than I remember. Still deciding, I know I want it but that same question...do I really need another bag, LOL. It is pretty!
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  12. I carried my studded Edie a ton and it still looks brand new!
  13. Thanks!!!!!
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