3500 For a Mini?

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  1. I found a 14C light pink mini but the seller is asking 3500.. I really want a WOC or a mini in this color but no stores seem to have any left..Do you think the seller is asking too much though? I don't know what to do!!!
  2. Don't pay that much for it. I know you love it and want it so bad! I actually saw one when they first came out on ebay and it sold for $2700 so that is WAY more reasonable than 3500!!!!! Don't over pay, we will all help you find one!!
  3. Aw you didd???? Boo! I'm so desperate but I just can't swallow the idea of paying 3500!! That's almost the price of a M/L! I guess I'll just pass on this one! Thanks for the advice! :]
  4. yah I think that was back in january or so? maybe february? i can't recall. I'm sure one will surface. someone just posted they found a M/L and posted a reveal 14C M/L caviar flap light pink..... so there's still hope I think!
  5. Don't do it! That's $1100 over retail :no-good: I'm sure one will surface for you!
  6. Don't do it!!! We will keep trying to find you one!
  7. Don't pay it!

    Spotted Fashion showed beautiful pink flaps for 2014 fall so you might still have hope for fall as well!
  8. Nash, I was at Nordstrom topanga today and they had a 14c pink medium flap.
  9. Awww really??? Does nordstrom still ship classics? Maybe they'll have something smaller..
  10. Oooh really?? I might just wait! I hope Chanel comes out with more super light baby pinks!

  11. Yah your patience will pay off certainly!
  12. I have sold several Chanels on ebay so keep in mind that the price listed has to be above retail price because the seller has to pay ebay a 10% fee on the selling price, 10% fee on shipping cost and a 3% paypal fee. In the end, for higher priced items, it could add up to several hundred dollars. With that in mind, you can always email the seller and see if they are willing to sell at a lower cost.
  13. That's true, sweet passions! Also, when the retail price for a mini goes up to $2900 (like I understand it will this year), the $3500 eBay price doesn't seem so bad, especially if you live in a state with high sales tax.
  14. Oh I understand! I've also sold some purses on eBay as well :] she is listing it at 3600 but she was willing to go down to 3500 for me. But I just don't know if I should shell out the extra cash or wait to purchase a brand new one from a store..hmmm!
  15. i saw a light pink mini at NM on Saturday. They had the mini and the medium large. PM me if you want my SA's info. don't pay that much- theres still pieces floating around.