$350 Cartier watch "service"

  1. I have a steel Santos that I bought in 1990. I typically take it to Cartier to get the battery replaced. Today I went to the Cartier on Rodeo in Los Angeles. I thought I needed the battery replaced but they informed me that my watch needs "service." The service will cost $345.

    Has anyone ever gotten their Santos serviced? What does the "service" entail for $345? I told the SA that I would have an answer for her tomorrow on whether to continue or not. I'm thinking of just taking it somewhere else and get the battery replaced!
  2. Try to get another opinion. Sometimes a service involves cleaning the watch (if it needs it) and replacing the battery. Find a good watchmaker and get a second opinion. This may just be a very inflated mark-up.
  3. let me tell you i know just what you are taking about!!! cartier recently made this rule that you can only get the watch serviced at a cartier store- not any other jeweler that even sells them. the jeweler then needs to send it out to a cartier store. The reason why I know this is bc the same thing happened to me. I have a one year old tank francaise which needed a new battery. I was staying someplace for an extended period of time which did not have a cartier store, and to make a long story short, Saks told me that nowadays you cannot get out of cartier w/o spending at least $350 for a service, even if it’s just a battery. I am just so sick of this bc I have a good amount of nice watches- 1 tag alter ego, 1 tank, 1 panther, 1 ebel classic wave and I always end up paying so much in service fees and I’m just sick of it! So I took it to a fine jewelry store which used to have a contract with cartier to fix their stuff but it was just severed and he replaced the battery for me. The problem is he could not seal it so now it’s not waterproof which is a bit annoying so I am careful with it. It’s not a bad temporary solution, but if this is your main watch, you might have to bite the bullet bc sadly they really don’t give you much of an option!
  4. I don't know what that "service" entails but I few months ago, I also went to Cartier to ask if my ring needs polishing. I was told that it costs the $350 to polish it. And she also said that because it costs so much, most wait till their rings are so beat up before bringing it to them for polishing. She looked at my ring and said that I have a few more years to go!
  5. that is just so ridiculous! tiffany charges $10!!!!
  6. service for a quartz watch sounds interesting :rolleyes: but i do know that revisions for mechanical watches are within that price range 350 to 800$ as i do have my watches checked every 5 years. they do check the mechanic, regulate the time, polish it,change the oils etc.
  7. Thanks for the info. =)
    I need to bring my Pasha (5-6 years) in for service soon, I'm really wondering who much I'll be charged!
  8. Kss, the price sounds about right. I brought in my tank for service last year and remember paying close to this amount. They will always recommend you have your watch serviced but you can also insist on just battery replacement if that's all you want. What they do with the complete service in addition to battery replacement is they clean all moving parts, the case etc etc. Your watch though is 16 years old and it might be a good idea to have them do a nice once over on it. HTH :biggrin:

    ETA: Another great service they have is bufffing - it removes all the scratches and your watch comes out looking brand spankin' new;)
  9. Thats really exensive i think... i didnt know tiffanys charge.. i thought it was free. it is in bahrain.

    In any case i really think that 350 is really expensive. but that being said if its afull service how often do you need to do it?
  10. wow ok i posted when the other 2 were not up. that answers my question. thanks tod.

    Ya if its every 4-5 years then i guess its worth it from a manintence point of view.
  11. Go someplace else. Had something similar happen to me with my Baume & Mercier. They said it if it wasn't done by B&M it wouldn't be properly resealed and water tight. So I went someplace else and just had the battery changed. I'm not planning to wear it swimming or in the shower. Have never gone back to the first place. My watch is 17 years old and runs perfectly.
  12. Wow! Thanks guys for the advice!! I forgot... the watch is 16 years old (1990 seems like just yesterday). I've NEVER had it serviced before so I guess I may just bite the bullet... let them do a full service... and hope that I get another 16 years out of it (heehee).

    I love this forum!!!

    ETA: I wear it pretty much EVERY DAY... so I really need to be careful with who services it for me.
  13. Kssthis - You can insist on just getting a battery change but if you haven't had your watch "serviced", it's probably worth the $350, it comes back buffed and looks brand spanking new.
  14. My 20 year old Rolex cost $600 to "service".
  15. Yeah, I brought my Panther Cartier to the shop on 5th ave last year to have the battery replaced- a new battery cost $120!! Man, I wish I knew how to repair watches- a battery in a store probably costs $5. Ridiculous!!!