35" square Cashmere/Silk blend?????

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  1. Does anyone know if H scarves come in this size in this blend? I've never seen one in this size....only the smaller 26" square. :shrugs:
  2. Is that the regular carre size, D? If so, there are blends in that size (as well as the smaller squares, too). But there is a limited number of designs available (incl. Persona and the Noel scarves).
  3. Thank you Gina.....There's a 35" square cashmere/silk blend I'm looking at right now and I want to be sure before I place a bid......I love these blends. So warm and drapey!
  4. Definitely Shopmom, I bought my Mom one. It is exactly as gina stated, ;) .
  5. Sarah.....would you mind letting me know what retail is on these? I only know the price on my 26" square......you can PM me if you'd prefer.....
  6. Of course, but, I need to go and look for it in my receipts which are all together, so please just give me a moment or two. I have a man fixing my water heater right now (no hot water!!), and then I will get it asap and let you know, :smile:!
  7. Shopmom...are you being a bad girl?
  8. Is that a rhetorical question? ;)
  9. LOL!!!!! you guys are hilarious.............um.........i think i'm about to be bad.:supacool:
  10. I have one too. They are especially great in cold weather.
  11. Passed on it.......I liked the design but.........I need to see it IRL......
  12. Is cashmere/silk as warm/warmer than a 100% cashmere scarf?
    How does it hold up in cold ?

  13. Hi J!!!!! I love the blend because these H scarves are lightweight but warm. And especially drapey.....which I love.

    Not a bad choice for our Berzerkely weather, J!!!!
  14. BH has a bunch in this size. They are beautiful and I think would be fun as the drape is much different from the silk twills. Could almost be a more casual look? I definitely want one soon!
  15. Bev Hills, Gazoo???? I wonder if I should give them a little toot on the horn and see what they've got in stock......hmmmmm.......