35% Off Sale Shoes at luxuryshoes.com

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  1. Go to luxuryshoes.com and use code DESIGNERSALE - applicable to SALE shoes only.

    This is just the nicer brands from shoes.com in one place but I had trouble getting the code to work at the regular shoes.com site. Also, the site has some kinks and because the code only works for sale shoes, the best way to see them all is to click the sale button in the upper left hand corner and scroll through all 15 pages of shoes without using any additional filters. If you tried to sort further, everything got messed up and some selections were left off.
  2. Mmmm, shoes!! I just received my order from the regular site and LOVE everything I bought, so I'm excited to order some more high-end shoes at great prices. Thanks for posting this and further feeding my shoe addiction. Do you know when the code expires, though?
  3. The coupon expires on June 11th. Also what they are calling "luxury" is basically low-end designers. I got some nice Kors winter wedge boots for $52 and they have some decent discounts on M by MJ. But they also have lots of stuff like Anne Klein that you can better deals on elsewhere and I wouldn't really consider a "luxury designer" anyway (and I am bitter about since I have had quality issues with Anne Klein in the past).
  4. Do they accept international order?
  5. I have no idea. Its not clear from their "about us" page but you could try contacting customer service through their web page.
  6. Thanks. I just ordered four pair of shoes -- Charles David, Michael Kors, Betsey Johson and Delman.
  7. Thanks for the info