35 Goat Skin Rigide Kelly

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  1. HI Everyone!!I was just wondering if anyone has a 35 rigide kelly to share, In goat skin. I can't find one in the information threads.I would like to see if it is too stiff for it size and what everyones opinions of it, are. thank you!!P.S. I am only 5'1
  2. I am 5'3" and feel that a 35 Kelly is too large for me. I have a 35 Birkin but the Birkin is in Togo and somehow doesn't look too large, probably the tote design makes the difference for my views of myself. Anyway, the largest Kelly I have is a 28. I have my eye on a 32 though which will be the largest I dare go.
  3. Toonie, I'd highly recommend the same bag in a 32cm for you. Or even a 28cm. Someone just got a 35cm rouge rigide Chevre on the board...let me find it...
  4. i'm 5'5" and LOVE the 35cm size for daytime -- i'd get a chevre 35 in a hearbeat! but i like large bags -- i also want a birkin 40cm.
  5. You are sooooo good Greentea!
  6. You guys are the greatest!!everytime I have asked a question,I get such nice fast feedback .I have a chance to get a 35 ridgid in chevre .and I remember someone saying it would be like a battering ram and ever since then, When I think of this particlur size and stiffness it makes me laugh.But I love big bags.Thank you Greentea Is that rough h ridgide?Thanks you guys:flowers:
  7. What I am hoping is that goat skin is more softer or smooshie??when ridged .As opposed to. How box is. I have a box ridged.I make no sense,right:shrugs:
  8. I found the thread Greentea I see it is a souple thank you
  9. lucky you, toonie! what color is it?
  10. I'm 5'3" and love the 35 Kelly! It really makes a statement. It's all what you are comfortable with.
  11. Toonie - I'm 5'0 and have a 35 rigide Chevre Kelly (the RougeH one pictured is souple). It is softer than the same size in other leathers - (I also have a 35 in Vache Liegee).

    Here's the thing to remember: many girls on this board are partial to smaller size Kellys - they are petite, ladylike bags and absolutely lovely for that purpose. But the 35 (even rigide) is not a "large" bag sizewise if you are used to "normal" non-Hermes bags - the 35 Birkin is much larger because of its depth - the 35 Kelly is considerably smaller and not a true oversized bag at all.

    Just as the 28's and 32's have their look, the 35 also has one: as lovehermes pointed out, it makes more of a statement, but it also adds a slight edge to the bag that the smaller size doesn't have. I especially like the 35 in color.

    The only thing I can tell you is that the 35 probably won't feel large to you (you mentioned that you love big bags and this isn't even that big) - unless you are wanting a more traditional dainty look. Certain colors and leathers are better as 25's, 28's and 32's, just as others are great as 35's, so it all depends on your perception - I don't think you have to worry about it being a battering ram in any event though.:lol:
  12. ^^ agree!:yes:
  13. ^^ disagree 1000% -- you should pass.

    now, where do i go to buy it? :devil:
  14. The 35 kelly bags are quite stunning, (but a little big for me). I hope you will love it when you get it!
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