35 cm kelly - love it or hate it?

  1. There have been a speight of these in the stores after a long dry spell. What do you think? I am a fan of the 28 kelly and the 35 birkin. While I love the 32 kelly aestetically, it always feels like an awkward size on me for some reason. Lately I am finding the 35 strangely compelling. Anybody have opinions about this size kelly bag?
  2. I think it's a nice bag! The 32 is the one I've liked (don't own either!). The 28 seems really tiny on my round self (like a toy!). I'd have to compare the 32 with the 35 side by side to really be sure! But, I like it!
  3. I tried on a 35 retourne Kelly and I was amazed that it looked like the right size for me, since I am only 5'2". I think it might be my favourite size for a Kelly, since it holds so much.
  4. Love it. For me it is a great day size and carries most of what my 35cm birkin does. It is a great bag.
  5. I don't have a 35cm Kelly, but I think that I would REALLY like one after staring at, fondling, and trying on one that belongs to a lovely tPFer. Oh, and I'm only 5'1", and the size totally worked on me! It seemed to make the bag slightly more casual which is a nice change for me since my other Kelly bags are vintage Box and I consider them to be quite dressy and therefore rarely carry them.
  6. My Aunt has a 35 in Gold. She looks amazing in it! She is always is her signature blazer and loafers. I wish I could like a Kelly that big...
  7. I have a 35cm retourne kelly and I love it. I ordered the larger size in retourne style as I wanted a more informal, casual look as I am fairly casual in my style. I have since started work 2 days a week and have ended up using it more as my work bag - the fanciest of all brief cases with my smarter outfits, lol. I have recently ordered a canvas strap which I am hoping will convert it to more casual use again. If I were to order another Kelly, I would like to try the absolute opposite - a 28cm sellier Kelly for a completely different look that could take me into evening. I think I would find the 32cm to similar to my 35cm and as I would go for a sellier next time as a contrast, I prefer this look in a smaller size too, so it would be the 28 for me along with my beloved 35. (I'm 5,5 - 5,6 and need to lose about 14 pounds)
  8. I personally love my 35, I've tried and played with a 32 and the size isn't bad, but the 35 just works better with me (5'2 with a little extra cushion for the....well you get my point;)) Anyway, I also love how much a 35 can carry.....I had my son out and about to a museum, Toys R Us, etc. and it fit all his goodies and my stuff. So, for me, it is the perfect size Kelly.
  9. I got a 35 in the Kelly Flat and like the size. I'm thinking of getting another one in a regular 35 Kelly in dark brown. The size 35 has so much room without being too big. I'm actually considering a 40cm Kelly as well.
  10. I tried on one - eons ago, a gorgeous glazed porosus croc number. Despite the stunning craftsmanship, this bag wore me instead of the other way around. *sigh*
  11. I'm kind of on the fence about the 35 kelly. For members who have them, could you please post pictures of yourselves wearing them. Thank you.
  12. Once I was at Hermes, and I picked up a 35 Kelly and my SA said, "no, you have to get the kelly in a 32!" lol But I like the 35 for me better!!! Love that size!
  13. Love it. Have 32s and 35. Love both sizes actually...
  14. [​IMG]

    (yuck, trouser length all wrong!)
  15. I love the 35cm and the 32 cm equally !!!
    ^^^^Allabout nice, you look gorgeous with your 35cm !!!