35.cm birkin brown havanne swift ..buy or not buy?

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  1. :heart:Can somebody tell me if swift leather is too delicate for London weather ...so much rain. What is the best leather for a elegant look if you want a brown 35cm. Birkin?
    love angel2307:girlsigh::girlsigh:
  2. some of the london members could help you better than I on that part, but you might consider togo or clemence which are much hardier than swift. togo performs extremely well when splashed in the rain i have heard. hope this helps.

    oh you may want to check out the leather book, hermesgroupie does discuss rain characteristics of each leather i think. good luck.
  3. I have a swift birkin and that's what I carry in the rain, in London and elsewhere. It's not meant to be left out to soak, but it wipes off easily and cleanly.
  4. Oh yeah, London weather. Wet and windy...

    Swift leather is okay. Once you use the bag, the leather will absorb natural oil from your hands, etc. It serves as a kind of protection. If not, you can always use the rain coat made specially for the Birkin ;).

    You can also consider Chevre leather.
  5. I agree, Swift is fine in the rain, and much sturdier than people think.....
  6. My black Birkin in swift works well even in a bit of rain, though I prefer clemence or fjord leathers in daily use. I must be the only person who adores fjord!