35 box, VL or chevre Birkin owners - corner wear?

  1. In your opinion, which leather wears better on the corners of a 35 Birkin - box, vache liegee, or chevre? (Or are they all comparable?)

    I am not too rough with my bags, but I'd like to know if any of these leathers develop corner rubs or nicks more quickly than the others.

  2. I don't know for sure yet but I have heard chevre wears extremely well.
  3. In my experience with both Box calf and Chevre, I've found that bags in the retourne construction (Kelly's and Birkins) made of both BOX and CHEVRE tend to rub. One of my Box calf bags needed spa treatment on all four corners about 4-5 months into ownership and I know of one bag in Chevre that almost went down to white on one corner.

    I noticed on my Chevre and Box SELLIER style bags (Kelly's) that this corner rubbing situation doesn't happen or hasn't happened YET!
  4. ^^^interesting....! (thank you :smile:)

    So would you say the Birkin is more rigid and not retourne in these leathers? What have you found on your box Birkins - do they show a lot of corner wear? Do you use them a lot, D?

    I'm wondering about this cuz I know how box wears (I own lots of box bags) but I don't have VL or chevre bags, and have heard they can be touchy on Birkin corners and can develop nicks and bangs in a shorter time than the softer leathers.

    Anyone have a really old chevre 35 Birkin that they've used alot? How are its corners?

    Or VL?
  5. KATE.....I have a friend with a VL Birkin so I'll ask her and report back. But, my sweet HAC in Box had corner wear fairly quickly and though it didn't bother me because I know this about Box calf, it might for someone else. KWIM? My Rouge H Box Birkin came with me to NYC last month and came through like a trooper! I was careful about bumping it but I know it's just a matter of time. And I am SUPER careful with my vintage Box Kelly.....the one I just bought the canvas strap for......so no problems yet with that bag.

    I really think it has a lot to do with the construction because I have no problems with corner wear on any of my Sellier bags. I think on the Birkins, the corners jut out more, are more "rounded" and are just more suseptible to corner wear. Carrying a bag of groceries into the house and wapping the door jam is something I've done a hundred times.....oiy......
  6. vache liagee has a really hard surface but once abraded wears very quickly...........its a thin surface. box leather is still the best because the dye goes through the leather................the removal of surface of ANY other leather is mostly what makes it unsightly
  7. I had a chevre birkin and the corners went FAST...with not that much use...I was disappointed...although I love chevre...still...but I can see as shopmom says...in the sellier kelly nothing has happened...
  8. Box will do you the best in the long haul. You just have to tough out the scratches, rubs, marks etc. Box is meant for use and abuse. Once the other leathers take some serious corner hit you wear off the surface and it can't come back to its original state. It can be touched up and made to look great, but it is never the same IMO.
  9. I forgot to say that in a 35 it is a bit more bulky and it tends to get in the way at times. You can't help but to bump it here and there.

    When you have a leather like chevre or even vache liegee if it takes just the right good hit and you take the surface off...you just can't get it back. You know...the texture or the hills and valleys. Get what I am saying?
  10. I LOVE the shiny surface of Chevre leather, but I have to say the same thing here...Chevre Birkin corners get damaged surprisingly much quicker than other leather. But it's lovely looking leather though...:heart:
  11. Great thread, Katel. My Retourne Box Kelly had rubbing but was able to be restored during its spa treatments. I'd wondered about durability of a Chevre Birkin, so thanks to shoes and aspenmartial for letting us know. I'll have to watch out for the corners on my Box HAC,which are still pristine, so thanks to shopmom and Kellybag for letting us know about how Box fares.
  12. One other issue with the Birkin, that does not happen to my Kelly, is that the Birkin corners, especially in front, droop down towards and barely graze any flat surface the bag is set on. The feet aren't tall enough to prevent this from happening on the Birkin, but they are on my Togo Kelly. This caused corner wear on my Birkin almost immediately. :sad:
  13. Sometimes you just have to buy that birkin you really love and hope for the best when it comes to wear.
  14. BTW, just as a side note, the chevre of my brighton bolide hasn't worn anything like the birkin corners did...so it does have to do with the shape of the bag as well...(go bolides!!!!!)...
  15. So true, KB. :push: