35 Birkin v. 32 HAC

  1. Let me apologize in advance, since this is probably a stuipd question. I am really looking for a 35 birkin, however, there is a listing on Yahoo! for a 32 HAC in the same leather/color (rouge vif, chevre) that I am actually seeking.

    I have never seen a 32 HAC, is the 32 HAC closer to a 30 Birkin or a 35 Birkin in terms of size and how much it holds?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I say it's right in the middle but looks closer to the 30cm. I don't have the exact dimensions on hand but they are in the Hermes KNowledge thread. Sweetea just bought a 32cm in marron Fonce and there are pics of her carrying it. Shopmom also has one.
    The handles are sligtly shorter and the bag will be slightly taller. But the HAC is the original Birkin and is such a classic look. :smile:
  3. thanks, greentea! :yes:

    What's one size up from the 32 HAC, do you know?
  4. HAc 36cm
  5. the hac is more north south while the birkin is east west shape and the handles are shorter (so it is a bit toughy to carry it on the crook when you wear a coat etc.
    i do love the HAC but as it has a "slimming" effect and make you look taller it doesn´t look good on me but it is gorgeous on others. for example shopmoms black ruthenium rocker HAC is a dream and totally suits her.
  6. thanks, lilach and greentea.

    I already have a 30 Birkin, and am looking for a 35 Birkin where I can use it more like a tote.

    I just looked at sweetea (who is so adorable) HAC, and the 32 HAC looks more closer to a 30 than a 35 Birkin.

    Lilach, you are so beautifully tall and slim that you don't need any slimming effect, whereas I NEED all the slimming effect that I can get..
  7. ok if you are lookin more for a tote wait for a 35 birkin
    even the 36HAC isn´t exaclty totelike due to its depth
  8. really, thanks for that information. Very helpful.
  9. Tokyogirl, I have a picture that compares a 35cm Birkin, 32cm HAC, and 30cm Birkin. I will PM you.
  10. Tokyogirl, if you want a very roomy tote, a Birkin 35 would be better. HAC 32 has same depth as Birkin 30. :flowers:
  11. Here are some measurements:

    Birkin 35: 14 x 10 x 7"
    HAC 32: 12.5" x 10.5" x 6.5"
    Kelly 32: 13" x 9" x 4/5"

    I'm 5'3" and my 32cm HAC suits me a lot better than the 35cm Birkin proportionally to my body frame. It holds a LOT of stuff Tokyogirl! I can pack everything in the house in that bag!!! Love it!!!!

    And I also love the thought that it's the original design....just love that whole idea.....
  12. Ditto! The HAC has a long history! Since 1892... :flowers:
  13. Tokyogirl:

    If you are looking for a 32 HAC..it should be pretty easy to find:jammin:. in that 6 days I was in Japan..I saw two HAC on the shelf (and I think they were prob 32). one in ginza H and one in takashimaya. :love:
  14. I prefer Hac 32... the size is just perfect :smile:
  15. Ladies, thank you so much for your helpful information:flowers:

    To be precise as to what I am looking for, I need to be able to fit "A4" sized documents (for the US folks, it's somehwere between a letter and legal sized documents). I don't plan on using this bag as a briefcase, but simply a work bag where I can stuff couple of documents for review in the train/cab.

    The 30 Birkin isn't wide enough to be able to fit A4 documents. My guess is that 32 HAC, which I understand is a little wider than 30 Birkin, may also have similar issues with respect to A4 sized documents.

    Lucy, thanks again for the helpful photos:flowers: :flowers: