35 birkin in toile/leather

  1. I have always loved the 35cm birkin in toile/leather :heart: :heart:

    But the canvas part puts me off because I'm so afraid it will get dirty !

    My store mgr has hinted that she can get me one in the NEAR future and I am wondering if I should go for it.

    What do you tpfers think ???
  2. THIS is one of my waitlist bags......toile with white clemence.....
    don't worry about the toile getting dirty- I have a Herbag with the toile, and not only does it not get very dirty, it cleans up really easy. PLUS, Hermes can clean it back to almost brand new....I love the combos, I say go for it.

    What combo are you going for???
  3. Toile is very easy care, no worries ! Leather & toile is a great combo. Good luck !!
  4. I am also in love with the combo canvas/leather birkin and wondered about the care as well! Thanks for posting this -- go for it! Maybe I'll think about it for next summer....
  5. Really ??

    I was so afraid rain and dirty fingers will get the toile part dirty :sweatdrop:
  6. ^^ Yeah, I always thought it might be somewhat harder to keep clean cf all leather. There was a toile/leather Balenciaga that I had my eye on a while back but was told it would be a challenge to keep clean so that knocked the idea out of my head. But seeing the "Stars and Hermes" thread with Ivanka Trump and her toile/leather Kelly, I think I'm in love.:love:
  7. I got a chance to see one IRL and on a stranger walking down the street and you have no idea how beautiful these combos really are! Just gorgeous! I say GO FOR IT!

    Personally though, I wouldn't use it in the rain. That's just how I am anyway about Hermes bags in general except for anything in Togo or Clemence. I won't even bring my CHevre Kelly out if its raining.
  8. Probably not the best rain bag but i've also heard these clean up really well. Toile/leather is such a classic combo and you should definitely snap one up if it comes your way!
    I'd also LOVE a Kelly like Ivanka's
  9. Thanks shopmom and GT! That pic of Ivanka and her toile combo Kelly has not left my head since I laid eyes on it the other day! I must look into this further and perhaps at my H store when I visit next. I seem to recall they had at least two toile combo Kellys on a shelf, or so they seem.. was a bit distracted by my Birkin at the time, lol!
  10. I'm in love with Ivanka's Kelly as well.

    I'd love a toile/barenia natural combination in a Birkin or Kelly!
  11. i say, go for it! just think twice of carrying it if it's a rainy day.....

    yes, hermes can clean it up spotless.....
  12. And I can't read the newspaper if I use the toile birkin !!!

    Oh god, you ladies are so brave !!
  13. I had my toile garden party VERY dirty last year and the store was able to remove all the stains... I think unless you are extreemly abusive it will be fine!:yes: toile is surprisingly durable.:flowers:
  14. ^it's fire hose material.
  15. omg - you HAVE to get the bag! the combo is TDF! why half of this forum (myself included :P ) wants it.