$344 GUCCI @ saks!!! Swoon

  1. Now that's a sale!! Congrats
  2. Wow! That is a steal and so cute!!! Congrats
  3. Wow! Amazing bag for a great price! Congrats!
  4. That's an awesome sale!!
  5. Great deal! Congrats
  6. wow, that's great. love the bamboo handle.
  7. Great Deal!! Enjoy it :biggrin:
  8. OMG ! I've wanted that bag for the longest time, congrats !
  9. What a steal! Congrats!
  10. Amazing deal & very cute purse. Did you buy it online or from a store?
  11. thats a pretty good deal... now let me to to Saks.com... hehe
  12. just bought it for 245.00 from Saks today.
  13. lv1011 can you tell me which Saks you got the bag from and if they had any more. I've been eyeing that bag for awhile.
  14. Great deal!