34 wks Pregnant and Amniotic fluid low...

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I hope you can help. I went to have an ultrasound on Monday and the doctors office called me later that day to tell me my amniotic fluid is low.
    They are sending me for additional tests on Friday. Has anyone else experienced this?? They told me if it gets too low, they have to deliver the baby early. I'm so worried...I just hope he's okay.:sad:
    TIA Jen
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    Yes, I had LAF. I had to get non-stress.? testing done twice a week starting in my 7th month of pregnancy. Good thing about those is you get to see your little one. :tup: My daughter came 2 days before her e.d.d. She did have vesicoureteral reflux which cleared by her first birthday-reason for the LAF. LAF could be nothing or it could be from what my daughter had for example.

    Depending on how low it is they may put you on bed rest/modified bedrest, or just to slow down activity basically sit around & be lazy. You want to stay hydrated drink lots of water. I avoided all salty foods, caffeine, no carbonated beverages.

    GL! & try not to worry.
  3. I didn't have it but was paranoid about it (many women in my family have had it) so I was monitored very closely for it.

    When I hit 34 weeks, I relaxed though because --honestly-- that's pretty far along already and even if they had to deliver the baby you'd probably still end up with a 4-5 lb kid who isn't *likely* to spend a long time in NICU or have long-lasting complications from the premature delivery.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to go a few weeks longer and take your little one as close to term as possible. I remember though that when I hit 34 weeks, I had a perinatologist tell me that 'anything past that is just icing on the cake'. I went to 37 weeks, my twins were fine, almost 7 lbs each and spent no time in NICU. Of the women in my family who had low amniotic fluid, 2 were put on bed rest and delivered at 36 weeks and 39.5 weeks (both babies were perfect and neither spent any time in NICU). The 3rd one was never put on bed rest, just monitored twice a week, and her daughter came one day short of 38 weeks and never suffered any complications from the low amniotic fluid.

    Do drink a lot of water like DlkinVegas suggested. Some people say it helps, others say it doesn't but the fact is it can't hurt the situation any. And don't make too much physical effort.

    I really think you and baby will be fine no matter when the delivery happens from now on, but every day that goes by with you still pregnant is, of course, a blessing. Best wishes!
  4. Thank you DLKinVegas and Emmalawyer for your good advice...and congratulations on your babies too!:smile:
    I started drinking alot more water because honestly, I don't think I've been drinking enough to begin with...and I was hoping I didn't cause this to happen.
    I'm actually in the middle of moving...which is happening next week...so I've been packing and lifting, etc. I hope I wont need bedrest, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep him in a little longer!
  5. the baby is fine if delivered now, please rememebr this so as not to stress yourslef out. What would happen is they'd give you 2 rounds of steroids for the baby's lungs.
    My step-brother's baby had it but at 23 weeks, that early they wouldn't even see her for it as they baby wasn't considered "viable" yet:rolleyes:
    Fast forward to 28 weeks, the baby was born and she's 2.5 now and actually off the charts in size, she's ridiculously healthy and growing right on track.
    The KEY was that Mom rested A LOT and drank herself silly w/ water.
    If you can do it, I'd put myself on bedrest and let the body really take over.

    He's going to be just fine:yes:
  6. Thanks Swanky, I think your right about drinking myself silly with water! :yes:
    I just hope there are no surpises when I go back to the hospital friday...
  7. is he kicking? If do kick counts if you notice him unusually quiet. . . hell go to the ER if he gets too quiet:yes:
    Piece of mind is important!
  8. Yeah, kick counts are really important with LAF.
  9. He's kicking, but not as much as usual. (maybe because he getting bigger?) but I think I will start counting kicks...good idea.
    I just feel really tired and overheated. My husband has been really sick with some crazy stomach bug. I just hope I don't catch anything on top of whats already going on!:sick:
    I'm definitly taking it easy for the rest of the week! I may end up bringing my husband to the ER before I bring myself!!:wtf: lol

  10. I'll definitly start counting. I read a little about vesicoureteral reflux. I'm glad your little girl is okay. It sounds scary...you must have been really worried. I guess I'll try to think positive till my appointment Friday.
  11. I had complications near the end of my pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, and because of that my Amniotic Fluid was starting to diminish, it was on border line low. You may deliver early, but at 34 weeks, your baby will be fine maybe a tad bid smaller. If your baby ends up being small, they may end up staying in the NICU for one-two weeks (my DS stayed 2) just to gain weight to maintain their body temp. Wishing you an uneventful and smooth delivery!!! :biggrin:

    Oh yes, the steriod shots are administered into one of your butt cheeks. lol.

  12. Thanks Jen...
    I just hope this baby can hold out at least a couple more weeks because we're scheduled to move next Friday...Steroid shots in my butt cheek?! LOL!!!:sweatdrop:
    ....BTW your little boy is a cutiepie!:smile:
  13. ^^^ i hate the whole butt cheek thing! lol... i have to take my RH shots next week and lo and behold, its in the butt!! lol..im soooooo not looking forward to it...tried to debate with the doctor about how my arm is a muscle too..and shes like..its only the butt! how are u gonna give birth if ur scared of a shot in ur butt! she has a point though..
  14. Thank you!! He is turning one next week. :shame: When I had them done the nurse told me its where all the meat was. My SO told me good thing you didn't see the needle.. it was huge. It didn't really hurt though... just a little stinging afterwards. :roflmfao:
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    Haha! I don't like needles either, I feel get very squeamish when I'm about to get a shot or blood drawn. It's just not my thing!!! Don't worry, they don't hurt that much. You'll just be a little sore in the bum afterwards. hehe.

    And if you're scared about the needle in the epidural, you won't be after you feel some mighty painful contractions, you'll be begging for one (only if you have a low pain threshold haha). I've seen it done on tv, and I was dreading it because it looked gross & painful (a needle into your spine). But my nurse was very sweet and talked to me through the entire process. It actually wasn't as painful as expected, it was just a pinch for a few seconds and that was it.