$34.84 in customs/taxes! :(

  1. :wtf: So my cerises cles arrived from Australia and although it was labeled as a gift I still had to pay that much!:censor: :rant:
  2. did you get it shipped straight from the lv store or did u ask someone to help you buy it?
    yah customs suck! :sad:
  3. dont you love the government. :censor: Its not always cheaper to get things out of the country. Its best to assume you'll pay the equal to the taxes and see if its worth while purchasing.
  4. I bought it from ebay cuz you cant get it in stores anymore. :sad:
  5. How much did seller put the value of the the "gift",It doesn't matter if the sender wrote it as gift, if the seller wrote the real value of the product, Govt will demand tax duty. I know OZ custom is much tougher than US. The custom can also open the package and see the item has more value than stated in the form, they still expect you to pay custom tax.
  6. Yeah she put $250 Australian dollars but I only paid $227.50 Australian dollars for it.

    And I think they did open it!
  7. What is the retail value of the cerises cles anyways?
  8. they charged you based on the value it was insured for.
    250 or 227 not much difference in what they would have charged, maybe a few bucks. Either way it sucks.
  9. I think it was about 290CND if i recall, i might be wrong.
  10. Odd, cuz I bought something from Australia before that was worth even more money, and didn't get charged any customs!
  11. the checks are just random arn't they?
  12. checks are random and depends on the mood that customs is in. Its hit and miss all the time.
  13. oh that sucks! booo!:censor:
  14. I got a golf club from Texas, and all we had to pay was the tax for the courier company. Which we thought was fine. I guess it could of been more if they had opened it.

    And I also bought some golf shoes from South Carolina - and customs opened the box. :crybaby:

    Ya, I don't like customs. And I think if you buy something less than 20.00 there is no custom charges. So I tend to buy things less than 20.00, but when I buy things on Ebay I try to look at Canada first, but most of things I want are in the US and world wide :wlae:
  15. If you get a "gift" declared with a value of $60 Canadian OR LESS, then you will not get charged customs and duties. If it exceeds that amount, you will for sure.

    They also mention in rare cases that "gifts" over $25 may get taxed, although I haven't got charged for anything under $60 so far.

    So your safe numbers are either $25 or $60.
    Always ask sellers to declare amounts less than these, unless you want the insurance in case of lost mail.