33 Colors on MC Speedy

  1. Does it say anywhere what those colors are?? Just curious to see if anyone knows?? Thanks! :huh:
  2. I would love to know this also....very interesting.
  3. I'll try to have a go at this one. I don't know the "official" names of all the colors, but here is an idea of them:

    The LV's are 9 different colors: Burnt ornage, yellow, baby blue, navy blue, light pink, dark pink, purple, green, black (or white if it's a black MC)

    The flowers and stars and circles are: red, peach, light green, orange, very light pink, very light blue, green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, purple, grey, pastel green, copper, goldish, lilac, dark brown, light yellow...

    This doesn't add up to 33, but it's the only ones I can recognize LOL Maybe an expert can help us out?
  4. IMO there are more colors for the LV's. There are 3 different greens, grass-green, light green and a little "dirty-looking" green.
  5. Nobody knows the colors? C'mon, ladies! I know some of you have a MC sitting right in front of you! LOL :roflmfao:
  6. I have no clue?
  7. I have a black Alma and a white Lodge PM - I don't think, there are all colors on them. There are so many different tones of one color (light, lighter, dark, darker, even more dark *lol*) - I couldn't even name them in German :shame:
  8. I don't know much about MC line color...I only know no red LV just it LOL
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses!