32cm Kelly Owners - Need some input!!!

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  1. Its been about 2 months since I've placed my order for a 32 retourne Kelly in clemence...But I am still contemplating if I should change my order to sellier or keep it as is!? OR should I change the leather to reduce slouch?

    Here are my million and one concerns:
    I am a bit afraid the (in order of importance)
    -retourne will slouch "too much" as it ages...
    -sellier might be too big for me for everyday (I'm just under 5'1; 90lbs)
    -sellier is too dressy
    -retourne might not be as elegant as sellier (its my first ordered Kelly but I think I'll most likely get a 28/25cm Kelly sellier before my order arrives)

    Your input is greatly appreciated because I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! :sweatdrop:
  2. If the kelly is in clemence. It will slouch even more, as I think clemence is the "softest" leather for Hermes. So I would stay away from clemence if you don't want the slouch.

    Also, it depends on your personality. I'm not really a retourne person, I like the sellier better... So.. whatever you want, get it! Hope this helps...
  3. I also prefer sellier, I just love the classy structured look sellier brings. It's really personal preferences at the end.

    For me, retourne gives more casual look, while sellier is more dressed up.
  4. I have a 32 sellier and I would love to have 32 retourne one day. Although I love, love, love the look of my sellier, I find that its rigidity makes its presence felt more to me, when i hold it in the crook of my arm or when I place it next to me sitting down. When I am walking around and just holding it in my hand, it is not a problem and I really like the way it looks on me.
    If you are concerned about slouchiness, perhaps you could consider another leather? I have a retourne in box calf, and it definitely doesn't feel as slouchy as my retourne togo.
  5. Also, I find it much easier to open, close, get in and out of my retourne Kelly than my sellier. However I remember another tPFer said she had the exact opposite impression (that she could open a sellier with one hand), so the best thing is for you to try holding, opening and closing both kinds if possible.
  6. I agree with Wellow. Retourne in Clemence will be very slouchy. If you like the casual look of the Retourne, I'd pick a stiffer leather like Fjord, Chevre, or Vache Liagee. The formal look of the last two leathers will balance out the softer/casual frame of the Retourne. :yes:
    If you don't want a stiff leather I'd pick Togo over the Clemence.
  7. Thanks soo much ladies for your speedy and excellent advices! I would love to hear more!!!

    wellow & sarah & tama: yes I feel more prefer sellier than retourne also and because I think I might end up selling it off in a couple years (I always want to buy something that is more popular and easier to re-sell)

    orchids: Yes I was thinking of vache liagee too :smile: this will be my 2nd "change" since I placed my order. I hope my SA won't find me a trouble maker :P I want to be 99% sure before I make another change hehe...
  8. I have the 32 cm togo in retourne- it's a great 'casual' bag. It does not slouch and is relatively easy to get in and out of. I did consider the sellier version in this size but decided it looked too much like a briefcase on me ( I am 5-1). I do love the 25cm box Kellys and that's what I am hoping to get next, I think I can do 25 cm in sellier.
  9. I have a togo Kelly in the 32cm size. I will tell you this, it will slouch even if you get Sellier. My advise is if you want a more firm bag that will keep it's shape go with a stronger leather and order it sellier (rigide)
  10. rose: yes I see how your togo is not slouchy but do you think, perhaps its too new to be slouchy?

    ah yes bagg...I had that worry at the back of head also - that sellier might look worst when it slouches if I get a soft leather!!!!!

    Ok then...Either change leather to vachee liagee or keep it as a retourne!

  11. 5'3" here and I prefer a 32cm in souple construction otherwise it looks like luggage on me. I have a 32cm Togo souple Kelly and it does slouch more than my 32cm Chevre souple Kelly. So, you're correct in saying that you should either change leather or keep it as a retourne!
  12. Could be, time will tell!:heart:
  13. Yorelica, do you like Chevre? I think this is one of the best Kelly leathers because it's soft but will keep it's shape. If it were ME, I'd order a 32cm Chevre Kelly in either Sellier or retourne. Love either in Chevre.
    Clemence is awesome but the bigger the Kelly in Clemence, the more it will slouch.
    Also think of weight. Even in the 32cm size, togo and CLemence will be a heavy. Chevre or Vache Liagee will be much lighter to carry.
    HTH!! :smile:
  14. if you like softer leather, then you may want to consider a 28 cm. It doesnt slouch as much as a 32 cm in same leather but you can still stuff quite a few things inside coz the leather is not as stiff as other harder leathers..
  15. I'm 5'4" and have a 32cm retourne chevre kelly. The chevre is not a v. slouchy leather. Also, I feel on my frame (105lbs) the sellier in 32cm is quite bulky. When I get a sellier in the future I'd go for a 28cm. Have you tried on a 28cm in sellier? Good luck with your decision!:smile: