32cm Hermes Kelly vs 35cm Hermes kelly. Post action shots please

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  1. Hi everyone! Im sorry if a post like this already exists but Ive looked on here for hours and I cant find it :sad:
    I am ready to purchase my first hermes kelly but im so conflicted about which size to get. Im 5'4 an I use 35cm birkin but im afraid the 35 kelly will look too big when its left open. Can you all please post some pics of your 32 or 35cm kellys (closed and open) so I can compare the size. It would also be really helpful if you could include your height. Thanks!
  2. there is a size reference guide sticky that would be really helpful to you-check out the reference section. i'm also 5 feet 4 and will carry both, depends on how i feel that day. the 35 kelly definitely feels smaller than a 35 birkin however, and if you are ok with a 35 birkin.....
  3. I am also 5'4" and had a 32 Kelly but sold it because it was too small for me. I have also carried a 35 Birkin. I ended up getting a 35 Kelly and liked it so much that I bought another! If you like the 35 Birkin, I recommend the 35 Kelly but make sure you get it in a retourne and not a sellier because then it would look too much like a briefcase! Happy shopping!
  4. I saw the reference guide but I was hoping for some shots of the 32cm open bc i want to use it as an everday bag, it looks more casual open i think.
  5. it is not easy to carry any kelly open-have you tried it out to see if it works for you? the front kind of flops forward. you could tuck in the flap and carry it as nicky hilton has-there is a photo of that somewhere also- i think it the celebrity thread. that looks just great, but is not easy to reach in and pull anything out. if you really are committed to an open bag you might want to continue with more birkins...that could be fun!
  6. [​IMG]
    This is what I mean by open, I dont think im explaining it right lol.
  7. I think Sylvie's is a 35....i prefer it over the 32
  8. I am sorry, just my advise, reporting what I have been told for years by several SA an SM...

    We all know that the construction of these bags and that the materials they use are top quality, but this is a quite "dangerous" way to wear a Kelly because having just one handle attached to the rear part means that all the weight of the bag and its content will all pull on the turnkey thingy (how do you call it exactly???:confused1:). The bigger the bag, the heavier the weight on the hardware part...:Push:

    It happens quite often that after a while the turnkey breaks, and having it replaced it takes a long time beacuse the bag has to be sent to Paris, and it is very expensive because it means that they have to unstitch a part of the bag so that they can work from inside.

    Believe me I have personally seen broken turnkeys.:faint:

    I have always been advised to close at least one of the two straps, if I am in a hurry, because it will offer more support and distribute the weight of the bag on all the body and the back also.

    I must honestly say that I have myself often worn a Kelly closing it just with the turnlock without straps, shame on me, but that was only for short periods of time. I would never do it on a regular basis.
  9. ^ good advise.
  10. Even worn like Sylvie, a 35 kelly would not look bigger than a 35 birkin carried the same way. IMO, the 35 kelly is smaller and carries less than the 35 birkin. I prefer the 35 kelly to the 32.
  11. I agree about the turnkey - best to not close the bag without the straps. It will wear over time. My SA told me the same thing. Thanks for the details Trama Turgo as to how long it takes and why to get it repaired.
  12. Good knowledge, Trama Turgo, thank you!
  13. Thank you Trama Turgo for confirming my fears. I, too, have been lusting after a larger-sized floopy kelly, but all the photos I've seen have been carried like Sylvie is carrying hers in the photo. I would also carry it that way as I can't bother with the faff of always closing the straps properly with 2 young active kids and I'd most probably overload the bag. It always did appear awkward to me and so I could never pull the trigger and actively search for one.

    I guess DH is right in saying that I'm more of a birkin person than a kelly one.
  14. Now I've only had my 32 Kelly for not quite two years and I don't carry it in the summer, but I NEVER close the straps. I don't fan out the wings the way they are in the photos, as I don't think it looks "casual" - more like messy or "I'll abuse my bag if I want because I can afford another in a flash". BUT I do NOT load my bag down with horribly heavy things (extra shoes, bottles of water etc). Both of my Kelly's are in somewhat stiffer leathers, chevre de coromandel souple and box, so it might be different in a very soft leather.

    I could not carry a Kelly as an everyday bag if I had to mess with the straps. Only YOU know if you really need a tote or a handbag. No question that one can carry LOTS more in an open tote, than one can in a handbag. Think about what you carry.

    By the way, I'm 5'4" and I carry a 32 both in sellier and retourne. I could probably carry a 28 - many tpf members my size do carry the smaller size. 'Shopmom does this.