32cm HAC

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  1. Is the HAC is a taller version of the standard Birkin??? It looks like it from some pics I've seen....I'm wondering if anyone has one and can give me the pros & cons of owning one vs a 30 or 35 Birkin.....

    doing some research now just in case something TDF comes my way....:rolleyes:
  2. Shopmom, yes, the Haut a Courroies is taller (hence the name) than the standard Birkin. I used to have one but I sold it because I didn't like how the gussets peeked out of the sides (as I once told gigileung, they looked like "ears") when open. My particular HAC also had straps that wouldn't close completely when I tucked the flap inside. Others didn't have this problem, though. I don't know if it's because of the leather (mine was in Chevre de Coromandel). The handles are also slightly shorter than those of a regular Birkin.

    If you like the more north-south look, this could be a great alternative. They're supposedly easier to acquire than regular Birkins.
  3. I don't have one, but I love it...Gigi has a beautiful brown box one and I think she's very happy with it...The only technical difference with the Birkin is that the handles of the HAC are slightly shorter...I can't remember who, a few days ago, posted pics of her new fuschia HAC next to her Birkin and you can really compare the two... :flowers:
    Exactly, Diana I was thinking about...
  4. Ok...Got it now...I put "HAC" into the Search This Forum and came up with nothing so thank you guys for posting Diana's thread! Looks like the handles on the HAC make it a definate handbag...no sliding it up to the elbow while wearing a jacket or anything. Hmmmm.
  5. Diana's bag is gorgeous!
  6. I agree. I had that bag on my Ebay watch list for a really long time just so I could drool over it. I :love: it.
  7. I don't know if you're into bigger bags or smaller ones. However, HAC 28cm is also an excellent size! I still regret not buying the cobalt blue ostrich HAC that was ON THE SHELF for taking!
  8. hi! yes my new bag is a fuschia 32cm HAC, i think it's a nice in between size of the 30cm and 35cm.

    the only major difference is that the handles are a little shorter, so if you're wearing a coat it'll most likely have to be handheld. without a jacket i don't have a problem.

    i'm not sure if mine has the same problem OTINCOGNI mentioned about not being able to close completely when the flap is tucked inside, most of the time i keep it open so i don't really mind.
  9. If the straps are anchored in "open mode" I believe the flap needs to be inserted into the center gusset crease (the folds that make up the sides of the bag) to avoid the "rabbit ears". Inserting the flap at the back gusset crease where the straps originate crams the straps too much, hence the gussets start to spread from the load. Hope this makes sense.
  10. they're very elegant bags, w/ 32 cm as the most popular size. if i were you, i'd look for one in a nice, neutral color (e.g. black).
  11. The 32cm HAC Birkin is very elegant. I've attached a photo of the the 32cm and the 35cm for comparison.

    I love the Birkin in all sizes !
  12. Thank you, Hermeslady! I can really see the difference with these pics! What beautiful bags!!!!
  13. i'm going to be a stickler and just add that a birkin is a smaller HAC. a HAC is not a bigger birkin since the birkin came from the HAC.
    i really like the HAC... better then the birkin i think, if it's in a small size. if it's bigger, as a tote, then i like them both.
    and soon shopmom will add some more pictures of a HAC or Birkin for us to compare and talk about. ;)